Chairman's Message - April 2015

If you have been paying attention to the national political scene, you are aware that election activity is increasing at a rapid pace. Ted Cruz has announced his candidacy for President. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul will probably be announcing in April. Other candidates have exploratory committees. Carly Fiorina stated that she will be announcing her decision by late May.

How do Republicans in Sonoma County do their part in the coming political battle?

We have a chance to lay the groundwork for upcoming elections. 

The County Board of Supervisors has proposed an increase in the sales tax to purportedly pay for road repairs. However, the money will go into the general fund where it can be spent on anything the Supervisors decide to spend it on. The Sonoma County Republican Party is urging a NO vote on this tax.

The Sonoma County Central Committee is encouraging Republican voters to obtain their precinct list and get to know Republicans in their neighborhoods. We have a flyer regarding the proposed tax that is being sent to our e-mail list that can be dropped off at the homes of Republican voters. This is also an opportunity for residents of Sonoma County to know that there are Republicans in the county.  So many Republicans feel as if they are alone in their beliefs. This is a time when Republicans can start organizing in the county.

Precinct numbers can be obtained from the Registrar’s office at the County Complex.  The clerk will give you your precinct number when you give her your address. The phone number for the Registrar’s office is 565-6800.

Contact Ron Sondergaard, Second Vice Chair in charge of Precincts and Campaigns for the County Party. His e-mail is When you give him your precinct number he will get the information to you.

BOOTS ON THE GROUND is what wins elections. Republicans need to mobilize and start doing the work that is required to win. Let’s Get Started.


June 2, 2015

  • Ballot measure raising county tax above state’s 8.25% to allow room for new tax
  • Tax will approach 10% in some locales
  • This is a simple majority vote
  • The estimated $20 Million a year will go into the general fund
  • Tax will be administered by Sonoma County Transportation Authority
  • Money is earmarked for roads but money will be allocated by Board of Supervisors
  • County has nearly $1 Billion in unfunded pension and retiree health insurance payments
  • County spends $200K daily from general fund to deal with pension issues
  • Pension problem needs to be permanently solved

Do Not Ignore Voting On June 2, 2015.  You Will Receive Your Absentee Ballot

On May 1.

Edelweiss Geary
Sonoma County Central Committee Chairman 

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