Chairman's Message - April 2016

The presidential election is getting closer.  It appears that California voters may actually matter this year.  The Republican nominee is not a sure thing and it will be interesting if Bernie Sanders will give Hillary a run. 

The County Republican Party will be voting on endorsements for some offices (excluding President). The committee has already voted to endorse Charlie Schaupp for the 4th Assembly District and Greg Coppes for the 3rd State Senatorial District.   We will be endorsing one of the Republican candidates for United States Senate.  We may also vote a preference for candidates for supervisorial districts.  Our endorsements will be discussed and voted on at our regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, April 20th.   

The Committee will decide how we will approach Measure AA, the latest tax that is being proposed and which will be on the June ballot. 

Measure AA is a new assessment that would impose a tax on every taxable parcel of real property in all nine Bay Area counties.  The charge would be $12 per parcel per year for 20 years raising about $500 million.  The money would fund a new regional government entity called the

San Francisco Bay Preservation Authority.  The purpose of this new tax would be:

“To protect San Francisco Bay for future generations by reducing trash, pollution and harmful toxins, improving water quality, restoring habitat for fish, birds and wildlife, protecting communities from floods and increasing shoreline public access...”

This Measure comes from the San Francisco Bay Area Restoration Authority which is an obscure Oakland-based agency made up of members appointed by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) which is another non-elected entity.  The Bay Area Restoration Authority is a bay area regional body dominated by the larger, more populous East and South Bay counties.

Money collected by these agencies is directed to the population centers of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.  The other objection is that the cost is applied to every parcel regardless of size, value or use of parcel.  Owners of small properties pay the same tax as companies such as Google which has a sprawling Mountain View campus. 

Measure AA empowers the Authority’s unelected board of directors to amend the measure any time “to further the purposes of the measure...”  How is that for vague?

Pay attention to the campaign that is starting regarding this measure.  It has already been endorsed by the Press Democrat.

We are looking for volunteers to man our office for at least two hours two to three days a week.

Please check our web site at

All Republicans are welcome at our monthly meetings which are held on the third Wednesday of the month at our Santa Rosa office, 1421 Guerneville Road, Suite 110.

Best regards,

Edelweiss Geary


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