Newsletter - April 2018

It is very interesting that Easter and Passover coincided time wise in 2018.  There is one thing that is striking about these two religious observances.  They both were involved with freedom.  Passover celebrates the Jews leaving Egypt for the opportunity to live in freedom and practice their faith.  The Christian faith enshrined freedom.  Where there is faith there is freedom.  Christianity gave people a choice as to how they live their life.  This is a reminder that the most important thing in life is freedom and the free will to make your choices. 

As we look at conditions in California a thinking person might just come to the conclusion that freedom in this state is on life support.  For this reason Republicans and people who are concerned about their freedom need to pay attention to what is going on in this state.

There is a primary election on June 5th for all state and federal offices.  The top two winners (Thanks to the Prop. 14 abomination) will be on the November ballot.  The Sonoma County Republican Party has had various candidates at our speaker series for the past year. 

On April 25th our speaker will be Judge Stephen Bailey, a retired judge from El Dorado County who is running for Attorney General.  As you are undoubtedly aware, our present Attorney General Xavier Becerra, is suing every body especially if they have anything to do with Donald Trump.

Come and hear Judge Bailey and be prepared to ask him any questions you might have. We will be at the Finley Center on College Avenue in Santa Rosa (2060 W. College).  There is a charge of $20.  Refreshments and appetizers will be available.

On April 18th the Sonoma County Central Committee will hold its endorsement meeting.  We will be voting as a county on the candidates to endorse for state and local offices.  Candidates and registered Republicans are welcome.  We will meet at our headquarters at 1421 Guerneville Road in Santa Rosa.

At the California Republican Party convention in San Diego (May 4-6)  candidates who have obtained 200 delegate votes will speak to the delegates and make their case as to why they should be the endorsed Republican nominees.  The delegates will vote on Sunday, May 6th as to who the Republican Party will officially endorse for each of the offices that will be on the state ballot.  Proposition 14 is one reason the party is going to be endorsing candidates.

Please watch our web site so that you will know who the endorsed candidates are. 

Remember that absentee ballots will be mailed out on May 7th.  Check our web site before you send your ballot in.

It is time for thinking people to take California back from the insanity raging in our legislature and in our state and federal offices.  Make your voice heard and your vote count.


Edelweiss Geary


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