Chairman's Message - August 2018

Here we are at Fair time again.  It seems like the year has flown by.  The Sonoma County Fair has a great theme this year:  Salute to Heroes.  We certainly want to celebrate the men and women who worked so hard during the fires and of course who work hard every day.

The Sonoma County Republican Party has a booth at the fair.  We are welcoming so many people who are thrilled with what President Trump is accomplishing.  If you want to work at the booth you can sign up online here.

California has an election in November for all state and federal offices.  In Sonoma County we will be hosting a breakfast on Sunday, September 9th at the Double Tree Hotel in Rohnert Park.  All of the Republican state candidates and Assembly candidate will be at the breakfast which means that each voter will have a chance to hear and speak to them. 

The candidates include John Cox, Steven Bailey and Mark Meuser. The breakfast will start at 8:30 a.m. and the cost is $35.00.  You may sign up online here or send a check made out to Sonoma County GOP, P.O. Box 3555, Santa Rosa, Ca 95402.

There is an issue that is causing great concerns among Republican Party leaders. We hear a lot about taking California back.  That will never happen unless all registered Republican voters vote.  In the June primary, 50% of registered Republicans failed to vote.  If you don’t vote you have no right to complain.  The party often gets complaints from various callers or online writers.  It often turns out that the person is not a registered voter.  If you haven’t guessed, those complaints don’t mean much.

Don’t give up one of the most precious rights you have as a citizen.  The right to vote is what distinguishes us from so many other countries.  Be a proud American and of course a Californian who wants this state back to resemble some form of sanity.

Make your reservations for September 9th.  We look forward to meeting our Republican friends.


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