Chairman's Message - December 2016

The election is over and now the really hard work starts.  This is especially true in California.  The Democrat super majority is back and there is going to be a huge fight with the Trump administration’s move to enforce immigration law, especially that which refers to Sanctuary Cities.

Over 40 very happy Republicans gathered at the Union Hotel on election night to watch the returns and to be with people who do not look down on you and call you all sorts of names.  It was a lot of fun. 

The party is planning their Christmas party on December 14th at our office on Guerneville Road.  Come and meet your representatives on the Central Committee.

It is only fitting that we celebrate Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, January 20th.  Details will be on the web site soon.  Come join us for a good time.

The political scene in California is not a happy one for Republicans.  We need to pursue a different strategy and we will be developing plans for the coming year in Sonoma County.

In Sonoma County the number of Decline to State registered voters is now greater than the number of registered Republicans.  That fact may indicate a number of things. 

  1. People do not want to be involved in politics.
  2. People do not want people knowing their party preference and being harassed.
  3. People are upset with the Republican Party.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that as more and more people register as Decline to State, there are less and less people available to further the principles of a party and to do the regular work required to give a party meaning and a voice.  Please remember that no one on the Republican Party Central Committee gets paid. We are all volunteers and 95% of the members have jobs.

If you care about your state and your county, consider coming to a meeting and getting involved in your local party.  In January 2017, we will be returning to our regular schedule of general meetings on the third Wednesday of the month.  Come join us. 

May you have blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 

Best Regards,


Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party

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