Chairman's Message - February 2019

This year the month of February is a very busy time.  The California Republican Party convention to elect new officers takes place in Sacramento on February 22, 23, and 24th.  All officers for the state party will be chosen.  Every office this year is contested.  Some of the candidates have spoken or will speak at our monthly meeting.  Obviously the rhetoric is flying.  This will be an interesting convention.

The Sonoma County Republican Party will hold its annual Lincoln Day Dinner on Tuesday, February 26th.  We will be at the Flamingo Hotel and our speaker will be State Senator Shannon Grove from Bakersfield who is the new Senate Republican Leader.  Given what is going on in Sacramento in the Legislature this is an opportunity to hear from Senator Grove and ask her questions regarding the state of our state. Tickets are available here

The Republican Party in Sonoma County is planning to develop a committed group of workers who can reach out into the community and spread a true Republican message based on facts and knowledge of how government functions.  There will be more details regarding this plan in the very near future.  Please watch your e-mail and our web site at

California is in trouble contrary to the stories put out by the Democrats and the non-objective media.  The tendency of most people who have a life, go to work and want to spend time with their families is to ignore what is going on or move to another state.

First of all: Everyone cannot move to another state.  Second:  If there is no pushback things only get worse.  There are some things that just cannot be ignored.  The question is asked:  what can a person do?  One thing that people can do is write letters to the editors of the major papers.  Get your facts and then send letters (which do get published) so that people know there are other opinions and other facts.  Be prepared for possible hostility in return but that is not unusual given the irrationality of some of the folks on the left.  It is time to stand tall and fight back.

Come join us at out Lincoln Day Dinner.  Come and spend time with people who will not attack you for what you say and what you believe.  Come and have fun.


Best Regards,

Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party

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