Chairman's Message - January 2017

As we start a new year with a new national administration we are filled with anticipation and hopefully a renewed energy to do what is necessary to preserve our country and our constitution.

Republicans in Sonoma County are excited about our inaugural ball which will be on January 20th at the Flamingo Hotel.  All details about the event are on our website here.  The event is a celebration and a chance to meet new friends.

In the coming year the Sonoma County Republican Party will be working hard to get the Republican message of hard work, independence and minimal government regulations out to more people. 

It is up to all Republicans to get the message out to voters in California about what the Democrat Legislature is doing in Sacramento.  The latest move is the hiring of former

Attorney General Eric Holder to lead the fight against Donald Trump’s efforts to end Sanctuary Cities.  Taxpayers will be paying for someone to find ways to break the law.

A political party needs workers and income to sustain an office and resources to identify and assist candidates.  Turning our county around takes work and support.  The party is asking all Republicans to join our efforts.

We look forward to being with a roomful of Republicans who feel they can speak freely and not be the object of insults and ridicule.  That is worth a hallelujah.

Check our web site for news of activities and events.  Come join us on January 20th.  We need to have fun.


Best Regards,

Edelweiss Geary, Chair

Sonoma County Republican Party



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