Chairman's Message - July 2016

As the year moves along we get closer to an election that could well determine the direction of our country for many years to come.  With that in mind it is good to pause and think about the holiday that we celebrate on July 4th.  Independence Day celebrates the birth of our nation and captures the spirit of independence that was so strong in 1776.  The question that we might want to consider in 2016 is whether or not that spirit of independence still exists.  Are we ready to work to keep that independence or are we going to acquiesce and watch our country lose our freedoms step by step? 

In line with keeping our independent spirit alive the Sonoma County Republican Party is hosting our annual Day at The Range on July 16th at Triple S Range at 1740 Tomales Road, Petaluma. Our web site ( has all the details.  Cost is $60 which includes lunch and the chance to get assistance from certified National Rifle Association trainers. 

The Second Amendment and our right to own fire arms is the foundation of our freedom because the power to protect ourselves insures all our other freedoms. Day at the Range gives us the opportunity to learn and practice the skills involved in our protection.  Come and join other freedom loving citizens.

The Sonoma County Fair starts on July 22nd and ends on August 7th.  The fair is closed on Mondays.  The fair is an opportunity for the Party to register voters.  We also have some very specific goals for our booth which is why we will be holding short training sessions throughout July so that everyone who works at the booth is able to meet those goals.  Please keep track of the schedule on the web for training which will be held at our office at 1421 Guerneville Road, Suite 110.

Sonoma County is part of Assembly District 4.  Republican Charlie Schaupp will be on the ballot in November.  Rohnert Park and parts of the Sonoma Valley are in District 4.  If we are serious about changing this state legislature, we need to bring Sonoma County voters out for Charlie.  20 to 25 precinct walkers and phone callers are what it will take to win Rohnert Park.  We will be focused on this in September before absentee ballots go out in October.

There is one thing to remember.  If you don’t work, you have no right to complain.

Come join us and be part of the solution.


Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party



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