Chairmans's Message - June 2016

It is certainly true that we cannot stop the march of time.  We are moving to the primary election, the county fair and in November the general election.  There will be a few other events along the way.

On Saturday, June 4th, we will be calling voters in the 4th Assembly District and the 3rd State Senatorial District who vote at the polls.  Our office at 1421 Guerneville Road, Room 110 will be open at 9:30.  Bring your phones and your chargers.  Coffee, donuts and snacks will be provided.  We will have a script and provide any help you might need.  Let’s make a strong push before the June 7th election.

After the primary on June 7th, we will know if there are going to be any Republicans on the November ballot for State Assembly and State Senate seats.  Since California voted for Proposition 14, only the top two vote getters in Congressional and state races advance to the general election in November.  It is the opinion of many people that this Proposition was not a good idea.  It does remove the choice of any minor candidates such as Green, Libertarian, American Independent and Peach and Freedom.  Hopefully, this law will be repealed by the voters.

On July 16th the Sonoma County Republican Party will be hosting a Day at the Range.  This is a day where people can practice their skills with a firearm or where they can learn to use one if they have never had the chance to do so.  We will be at Triple S Range outside of Two Rock.  NRA instructors are there to help anyone who needs assistance.  Cost is $60 per person and includes lunch.  Join us to build your firearm skills and to spend time with like minded people.

Sign up online at

Many people have asked if the Party has any Trump banners or bumper stickers.  At this time we do not. After the Republican convention (July 18 - 21) we will have material and information.

I have fielded many questions about the election and all the rules.  Many residents of Sonoma County apparently are not aware that the Registrar’s office is the entity that is responsible for elections, voter registration and other legal requirements.  They can answer all questions and concerns that voters may have.  Their phone number is (707) 565-6800.  Their address is 435 Fiscal Drive which is in the County complex of offices.  The staff is there to assist Sonoma County residents.

The Sonoma County Fair starts on July 22 and closes on August 7.  The Fair is closed on Mondays.  We will have some short training sessions during the last part of June and in July for anyone working in the booth.  The committee has some very specific goals for the fair and we want to make sure that everyone will be comfortable in the booth.  There will be more specifics next month.  The booth is a great opportunity to get the word out that there are Republicans in Sonoma County and to educate citizens and their children.


Best Regards,

Edelweiss Geary, Chair

Sonoma County Republican Central Committee



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