Chairman's Message - March 2017

We can’t say that Washington D.C. has been dull.  The President has set a pace that must be challenging for many Washingtonians.  Of course, the best event of February was the State of the Union message delivered by President Trump on the 28th.  He laid out the main goals of his administration which were the issues he campaigned on.   The whole event was a joy to behold including watching some very unhappy folks on the other side. 

The Sonoma County Republican Party is starting a speaker series which is aimed at bringing in speakers who will discuss various topics and give attendees an opportunity to ask questions and increase their knowledge on issues.

Our first speaker is Elizabeth Acosta, Deputy Registrar for Sonoma County.  She will give an update on voting regulations and new voter legislation.  We will meet at our office at 1421 Guerneville Road at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 22nd.  Since the Committee is self funded there is a $20 charge.  Refreshments will be available.   Come join us.

The constant war being waged by Democrats against the Trump administration is evident in the latest kerfluffle against Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Democrats are screaming that he was negotiating with the Russians during the campaign because he spoke with the Russian Ambassador.  This kind of warfare is nothing new.  What is disheartening is that some Republican Representatives seem to think that they should go along with an investigation.  Now, if some Representatives have linguine for a spine, it is time for Republicans to show support for Attorney General Sessions.  By the way, Senator Schumer also met with the Russian Ambassador in the past.  In fact, it appears that a great deal of legislators met with the Russian Ambassador.

For that reason, I am including the contact information for our leaders in D.C.  Republicans need to speak up and let our leaders know how we feel and encourage them to stand up against this kind of warfare which always involves destroying a person’s credibility and ultimately their career.


Paul Ryan - Speaker of the House- (202) 225-0600 - - Go to the words Speak Out and you will be able to write an e-mail.  

Mitch McConnell - Senate Majority Leader - (202) 224-2541- - Go down through the web site and you will come to a page where you can write an e-mail.


Our country is at a crossroads.  Republicans will have to step up and take a stand against those who want to bring the country down.  We need to be united because the stakes are very high.


Best Regards,

Edelweiss Geary


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