Chairman's Message - March 2018

It seems that the winds of March are upon us.  Wind moves everything in its path quickly.  We are starting to experience the winds of politics.  

The June primary is not that far away and there is work to be done. Our candidates need to come in as one of the top two vote getters in June so that they will be on the November ballot.  Our speaker series will highlight candidates Mark Meuser and Stephen Bailey. 

Mark Meuser is running for Secretary of State.  He is an elections law specialist and has incredible information about what is going on in registration and voting in California.  Mark will be our speaker on March 28th at our headquarters at 1421 Guerneville Road.  Plan to come and hear what he plans for the state in relation to voter registration, voting and following the law.

Stephen Bailey will be our speaker on April 25th.  Judge Bailey is a former judge from El Dorado County.  He spoke briefly to the committee last year.  We look forward to hearing him discuss in detail why he is running for Attorney General and what he plans to do if he wins the election.

The committee will hold an endorsement meeting on April 18th.  We will be voting on endorsements for Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner, Attorney General and Sheriff of Sonoma County.  All registered Republicans are invited. 

If anyone would like to receive petitions regarding the effort to replace the Stop Top Two and/or the Gas Tax Repeal please e-mail the party at or call 542-7066. 

We need people to make phone calls for our candidates so that people get out and vote.  One problem that the Republican Party has in California is that many Republicans do not vote.  Given the difference in registration between Democrats and Republicans it is critical that all Republicans  vote.

We have work to do.  Come Join Us.  We look forward to meeting you this month.

Best Regards,

Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party


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