Chairman's Message - May 2015


As we move towards summer, there are more activities for Republicans to become involved in and a chance to work in order to make positive changes.    

First of all, the Board of Supervisors has voted to place an increase in the county sales

tax on the ballot on June 2 (Prop A). What ballot many voters may ask. Yes, we have an election on June 2nd with one item on the ballot. The increase in sales tax will affect every community differently based on that community’s current sales tax.  In some cities the sales tax would exceed 10%. The increase in sales tax is supposedly going to go towards road maintenance and repair. However, this is a general tax and there is no legal requirement that the Board must allocate the funds to road repair. The revenue from the increased sales tax will go into the general fund. The Supervisors will then be able to spend the money any way they choose. There is no guarantee all of the revenue will be spent for roads. Other uses for the money are being discussed.

For example, publicity throughout the county states that the funds will pay for free bus rides for veterans. However, a call to Sonoma County Transit indicates that veterans have been riding free since January as a pilot program. It will be very difficult for the county to end the program. In my opinion, the program will undoubtedly continue regardless of how the vote goes for Prop A. Of course, the county has continual funding problems for county pensions. Could the revenue from Prop A go towards pensions?

There are two forums during May regarding Prop A. The first will be at the Monte Rio Community Center on May 6 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The second forum will be at the Glaser Center on Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa on May 13th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

It is our duty as responsible voters to talk about the issues to our friends and relatives.

Many people in Sonoma County do not even know that there will be an election on June 2nd. We need to explain what this tax is and encourage people to vote no.

The Republican Party will have a booth at the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Roseland on May 5th. Come by and say hello.

The Sonoma County Republican Party has various functions set for the coming months.  There will be a tour at Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma on May 15th. The cost is $20 and the beer is part of the ticket price. Please go to for details and to sign up.

During the summer, the Party will sponsor a day at the range. Participants will receive instruction on the proper use of firearms and share in a bar-b-que with all the trimmings.

Please visit our web site for information about Republican Party history, current events, and your chance to express your opinion.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and grandmothers.

Edelweiss Geary
Sonoma County Republican Party


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