Chairman's Message - May 2016

Time marches on and we are getting closer to some very important events in our country and our state.  We of course have important elections on the horizon.  Absentee ballots go out on May 9th and the primary election is on June 7th

Here are some of the major issues on the ballot.  Obviously, we have a presidential primary on June 7th.  Those of us who attended the California Republican Party Convention in Burlingame had the opportunity to hear Donald Trump, John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.  We also had the demonstrators in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  What can be said?  A very interesting group and of course you have to know that many were paid. 

We also have a U.S. Senate race since Barbara Boxer is retiring.  Eight Republicans are running but fortunately or unfortunately, most of them are unknown.  There are actually 34 candidates on the ballot.  The Senate debate held at University of the Pacific a week ago featured the five highest candidates according to polls.  That meant there were three Republicans and two Democrats.  Stay tuned.  There are more debates scheduled. 

Our county will be voting on legislative races.  These races are critical because the California legislature is the place that passes the laws that directly affects our lives.   

We have two good legislative candidates, one for the Assembly and one for the Senate.  Charlie Schaupp is running for the fourth Assembly district and Greg Coppes is running for the third State Senate district.  Of course, they must get past the primary in order to be on the November ballot.  California has Prop. 14 which means that the top two winners on the June election move onto the November election.

There is one other ballot measure that directly affects Sonoma County residents.  That is Measure AA which I wrote about last month.  This is a tax of $12 per parcel which affects all nine Bay Area counties.  The tax is per parcel, regardless of the size of the parcel.  Check our web site which has more detailed information.

We are very excited because a committed, hard working student at Santa Rosa Junior College has started a Republican Club on the campus.  It is an approved club with a sponsor who is also a Republican.  Our web site will have information about the club and when there are events.

We are walking precincts on the Saturdays in May.  Check the web site for further information.  Remember!  Elections are won by walking precincts.

Thank you for your participation.



Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party



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