Chairman's Message - May 2017

It appears that the warm weather is here.  Will we have much more rain?  Who knows, but it is a good thing that we had so much.   But, never fear.  Jerry Brown says that the drought is over. 

The Republican Party of Sonoma County is looking forward to a busy summer.  Our speaker series has been very successful.  Our first speaker was Elizabeth Acosta, Chief Deputy Registrar for Sonoma County who give information on the workings of the Registrar’s office.  She answered many questions attendees had about the registration and voting process. 

Our 100 Day Celebration with cake and champagne was a wonderful gathering with Tom del Becarro discussing why American is so divided.  We had coverage from the Press Democrat and Martin Espinosa wrote a very fair article about the evening. Turnout was very good and everyone had a good time.  Watch our web site to learn about our speaker in May.

The committee voted regarding the two measures on the June ballot that will affect Santa Rosa.  One is the rent control measure and the other regards taxing marijuana.  The Committee voted against both measures.  The rationale for the vote is on the county web site.

Plans are in the works for our Day at The Range and for the Sonoma County Fair.  The Fair has a new requirement this year.  Everyone who works at the Fair will have to provide specific information so that the Fair Board can check the Megan’s Law web site.

The Party is always looking for viable candidates for all of the many local offices such as school boards, water and fire boards and city council offices.  Contact us at 542-7066 or go to our web site at and let us know if you are interested.

There is no question that these are difficult times for Republicans in deep blue Sonoma County.  We need workers to let Republicans know that there is a functioning party in the county.  Remember, there are 53,000 registered Republicans in the county.  We need to reach them and let them know they are not alone.

We look forward to meeting more Sonoma County Republicans.  Come join us.


Best Regards,

Edelweiss Geary


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