Chairman's Message - May 2018

Well, I hope that all clear thinking people who want this state to be Golden again are ready for a summer and fall of work.  It is going to be absolutely critical that some state offices go Republican.  Besides the good news that Republican John Cox will be running against Gavin Newson, we also will have Steven Bailey in the race for Attorney General and Mark Meuser in the race for Secretary of State.  These last two races are critical for making the changes in the state that are so important.


We will be adding a legislative page to our web site.  Please refer to it for additional information that our local newspaper does not carry.  There is so much unbelievable legislation being passed in the state legislature, much of it barely mentioned in the press.


Our speaker series continues on Wednesday, June 27th.  Our speaker will be Susan Tully, National Field Director of FAIR (Federation For American Immigration Reform).  She will give us a great deal of information regarding what is going on with illegal and legal immigration.  We will also be discussing what we will present to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors regarding the sanctuary state status of California.


The meeting will be at the Finley Center (2060 W. College Avenue, Santa Rosa) at 7:00 p.m.  Appetizers and beverages are provided.  A donation of $20 is requested.  


We will be planning how best to help our state and Assembly candidates up through November.  Phone calling and walking precincts will be very important in order to achieve victory.


The Sonoma County Fair starts on August 2.  There will be a web site in order for people to sign up for working at the booth.  We have to certify that the people working the booth are not on Megan’s List.  If you want to work at the booth, e-mail the party at so that we can confirm that we have checked your status regarding Megan’s List.


We have a very busy summer ahead of us.  This is our chance to stop the terrible path that California is following.  Come join us.

In Victory,


Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party

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