Chairman's Message - May 2020

Well, it is fitting that this is the beginning of May since many of you may be ready to scream May Day.  The entire quarantine has hopefully stopped the virus but it has highlighted other issues which possibly many people never even considered.  The corona virus has put a spotlight on the way elected officials behave when they are no longer hidden by the rituals and screen of government.  It turns out that some governors enjoy issuing all kinds of edicts with little concern for things like constitutional rights.  And of course this has been a terrific chance for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress to get all kinds of goodies added to the bail out money coming from the Treasury.  Now, states that have managed their pension system very badly (which includes California) want the federal government to bail them out.  What a great idea!  Your tax money going to mismanaged governments. 


This whole issue brings me to the matter of voting.  A major problem in California is the number of Republicans who do not vote.  Many think their vote does not matter.  Let’s take a look at one example of why votes matter.


Many people agree that Bill de Blasio of New York City leaves a great deal to be desired as a mayor.  The coronavirus has not put him in a good light.  But you may say:  he was elected.  Let’s review the vote.

  • In July 2016, there were 8,537,673 people in New York City.
  • The State Board of Elections states there were 5,053,842 qualified voters in the city as of November 1 and 4,596,813 of them considered active by the state.
  • Out of 4.6 million active voters in the mayoral election, records show that 1,097,846 voted in the mayoral election. 
  • Only 726,361 people voted in New York City for de Blasio.  That is 8.5% of the population at large. 
  • The last time voter turnout for a mayoral election was over 50% was in 1993 when 57% of voters voted for Rudy Giuliani over David Dinkins.

There was another race in New York City in 2017: the campaign over Ballot Proposal 1 on whether the state should hold a constitutional convention.  The proposal was defeated by 78.6 % of the vote.  It seems that people voted on something they cared about and basically paid little attention to the mayoral race.  They now live with the results.


A reminder:  If we don’t want Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, Republicans need to retake the House of Representatives.  We will have to be working for candidates all over the state.  Currently, we have two special elections in California on May 12th.  Republican Mike Garcia in Congressional District 25 and Republican Melissa Melendez in State District 28.  Check to sign up to help those candidates.


The virus has affected how the committee meets and when things will return to some kind of normalcy. You can make a donation and obtain Republican/campaign materials by going to our web site.  All products are visible on the


Sonoma County Patriots gathered at Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa on May 2nd to demonstrate their desire to have the county open up and start getting back to normal.   Over 200 people came to show their support for our country and the need to get the county back to our lives based on what is best for Sonoma County.


At this time we are unsure as to how we will proceed with meetings.  Our web site and our Facebook page are the best place to get information.  Stay in touch with your fellow Republicans.  Keep President Trump in your prayers.  He faces a storm every day.



Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party

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