Chairman's Message - November 2016

We are coming to the end of a truly unbelievable election season.  A businessman who has never run for public office and does not follow all of the approved political niceties and a former Secretary of State who appears to have major integrity issues are the two main candidates.  It has not been dull but it has also been extremely stressful for many voters.

From my standpoint, meeting people coming to the office for Trump material was a real insight into how many voters are feeling.  People came to the office that have never voted and had registered so they could vote for Trump.  People expressed great concern about Hillary Clinton becoming the next President.  And of course, most people expressed concern about putting out signs for Trump.  Republican campaign material is regularly vandalized.  You can draw your own conclusions as to who does that.

The committee had precinct walks for Charlie Schaupp, candidate for the 4th Assembly District.  Republicans also called voters for Charlie.  We will be at the office making calls for him on Saturday, November 5th.  Watch our web site for details.  Outside of President, Charlie is the only Republican on our Sonoma county ballot.  

The 4th Assembly District is very chopped up.  In Sonoma County, Rohnert Park and the outer Sonoma Valley are in the 4th District.  The remainder of the district is in Solano, Napa, Lake, Yolo and Colusa counties.  It would be wonderful if Sonoma County had an Assemblyman who would of course represent all of the county.

We will be gathering on election night at the Union Hotel on Mission Blvd in Santa Rosa.  The room is reserved from 6 to 10 p.m.  Watch our web site for details.

There are approximately 53,000 registered Republicans in Sonoma County.  If more of those voters decided to work with the Sonoma County Central Committee we would be able to get more candidates for city council seats and school boards.  Registered Republicans are always welcome to attend our monthly meetings which are posted on our web site.

Our web site is our major means of communication to Republicans.  Our positions and a brief explanation of the 17 ballot propositions are on the web site.  The site also has a history of the Republican Party and much information regarding the county.  Check it out.

Sonoma County was once a solidly Republican County.  As liberals moved in many Republicans moved out, registered as Decline to State or withdrew into silence.  The left is never silent and never quits.  We are at the point of deciding if we are happy with what is going on in the country.  Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option if we want our state and our country to be based on our founding principles.

Thank you to all who purchased our campaign materials and worked on campaigns whether in Sonoma County or in other states.  When we face challenges it is critical that we stand together and not give up.


Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party


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