Chairman's Message - October 2016

Well, we are in the thick of the campaign.  You can’t say it has been dull.  The accusations are flying back and forth.  Of course, those voters who are paying close attention and check all the facts learn that much written about or said about Donald Trump has been slightly altered.  Donald Trump did not become a racist until he ran for President.  Before that everyone of whatever color loved him and wanted his money.  The benefit for Hillary is that much that should be written or said about her has been conveniently omitted by the main stream media.

No surprise given the media bias.  So much for objective journalism!

Sonoma County Republicans gathered at Round Table Pizza on Occidental Road for the first debate.  We had just under 100 excited Republicans show up to eat and watch the show.  We will be there for the next debate which is on October 4th and is the Vice-Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.  Come join us.

In Sonoma County we are working hard for Charlie Schaupp who is the 4th Assembly District candidate.  His district includes Rohnert Park and the Upper Sonoma Valley.  We have had precinct walks in Rohnert Park and will continue them throughout October.  On Saturday, October 8th there will be a bar-b-que at a park in Rohnert Park.  Charlie will be cooking the chicken and corn and members of the committee will bring other items.  There is no charge for the bar-b-que.  This is a chance for voters to talk to Charlie and find out what he intends to do in the legislature.  WE MUST CHANGE THIS LEGISLATURE.

We have Republican candidates running in a number of cities in Sonoma County.  Check your list of candidates and determine those that are Republican. 

The Republican Central Committee voted to give a preference to Ken Anton who is the Libertarian candidate for the Second Assembly District.  There is no Republican running in that race and Mr. Anton is a reasonable man who wants to diminish the power of the state.

The Committee reviewed the 17 propositions on the state ballot, discussed them and voted to support or not support.  They are listed on the county web site.

The County office is open at different hours and we are working to staff the office and keep it open longer.  We do have Trump material including hats, buttons, bumper stickers, some shirts and yard signs.  All of this material is for sale since we have to purchase all of it.  Check the web site for hours.

I am gathering a list of people who will phone bank to call Republicans to make sure they all get out to vote.  This is not the election to stay home.

These are exciting if tiring times.  Hang in there!


Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party


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