Chairman's Message - October 2018

This month is a very important time since we are coming up to the November election. California and the country are at a tipping point.  Will the rule of law be upheld or will unproven allegations and an absolute disregard of sound government principles be the winner? 

We have all been watching the kabuki dance going on in the United States Senate. Anything can be said about anyone and no proof is required.  Paid demonstrators can rush around the capitol and yell anything they want.  This is all supposed to be in the name of women.  Forget about the damage being done to boys and men who are charged with all types of crimes with no proof and no concern about the effect on their lives.

When the rule of law is thrown overboard we are all in trouble.

Bringing sanity to this whole situation will require that Republicans prepare to join the fight.  That means you must vote in November.

Our Candidate breakfast on September 9th was a success and we had a chance to meet the candidates running for state offices.  We have a strong slate of candidates who are committed to bringing order and the rule of law to California governance.  This state is so badly managed since so many are focused on President Trump and not the many challenges in the state.  For example, tax money is not used for roads, the repair of Oroville Dam is behind schedule and the legislature continues to pass laws which infringe on the daily lives of Californians.  

Every state office is important starting with the GovernorAttorney GeneralTreasurer and Controller.  Extremely important is the fact that the voter rolls in this state are often mistaken and worse, fraudulent.  A professional, honest Secretary of State is critical for the governance of California.

Republican headquarters are a call center during this election period.  We will be calling voters to make a difference in state wide races the result of which affect California and our nation.  Follow the instructions here to sign up to make phone calls at  our Sonoma County GOP headquarters.

The most critical thing that is so important in the elections of 2018 is that Republicans have to VOTE.  Sitting back and saying that your vote doesn’t count is a loser’s attitude.


Come join us.

Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party


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