Legislative Updates from Sen. Mike Morrell

Dear Friends,

The governor has now made his final decision on the fate of more than one thousand bills that reached his desk in 2019, bringing the current legislative session to a close. 

I want to thank you for your involvement and engagement in this process over the last year. The results are mixed, but there is also reason to be optimistic.

First – some good news. The governor vetoed AB 624 (Gabriel, D-San Fernando Valley), which would have required student identification cards, as early as 7thgrade, to include the phone number of a “sexual or reproductive health hotline.” The bill’s rejection keeps school districts and private and public colleges from having to advertise abortion services such as Planned Parenthood. Thank you again for making calls and spreading the word on this bill.

Second – the governor did, regrettably, sign SB 24 (Leyva, D-Chino), which requires student health centers on public college and university campuses, at taxpayer expense, to provide the abortion pill to students. His action is not necessarily a surprise, as the governor indicated during his campaign that he would sign such a bill, but it is still discouraging and an irresponsible decision that neither the state’s public colleges want nor the governor’s own Department of Finance thinks is fiscally feasible.

Third – one bill I highlighted in the spring was AB 362 (Eggman, D-Stockton), which would allow San Francisco to establish government-sanctioned clinics where drug users can inject themselves without getting help to fight their addiction. Ultimately, the author did not pursue the bill in the Senate Public Safety Committee, but it still remains very much alive and a measure to keep on the radar. Again – thank you for your calls. They make a difference.

Finally – how you can help me on a bill. I authored SB 673 this year to increase transparency in sex education curriculum by requiring school districts to place the curriculum online as well as require sex education to be opt-in for elementary-age students. 

More than 45,000 individuals have signed the online petition in support of the bill. Please add your name and forward the link to your contacts. Our plan is to bring the bill up for a vote in the Senate Education Committee in January. Attached is a roster of that committee membership, including the cities each senator represents. Please contact your senator to support the bill if you live in his or her district and also share the list with others you know who may live in those cities. 

I have intended these action alerts to provide information and guidance on how to interact most effectively with the legislature and, particularly, through the policy committees. If you have feedback or questions, please let me know. 

In the realm of public policy and state politics, it is not always an easy course. I am grateful, however, for your interest and am confident we will continue to make strides as we work to reverse the course of our state. Again, thank you for your efforts. 

In appreciation,

Senator Mike Morrell

(916) 651-4023

P.S. – I am a strong believer that we should take time to learn from others how to effectively message our ideas and principles. Famed economist Milton Friedman sat down with talk show host Phil Donahue for an interview, during which the discussion of socialism surfaced. I encourage you to check out Friedman’s thoughts on the philosophy’s failures here.


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