Newsletter - July 2015


Since the murders in South Carolina of nine black church goers by a person who appears to not be operating on all cylinders, the national discussion has turned to the Confederate flag and what it represents.  Somehow or other the implied or overt comments suggest that the Confederate flag is a problem for Republicans.

It is time for Republicans to fight back against all the lies and misinformation.  They have the perfect argument to make regarding the entire civil rights situation.

The GOP must start teaching a little history.  The Republican Party, of which Abraham Lincoln was a founding member, was started to abolish slavery.  The Civil War was started by Southerners who felt that their position on states rights versus the federal government gave them the right to own slaves.  It was fought by people who believed that they had the right to own another human being.  These members of the Confederacy were all Democrats.  After the Civil War when President Andrew Johnson did not support the reconstruction of the South, Democrats throughout the South regained power and eliminated the voting rights of black Americans and of most Republicans.

In order to keep the black population in check, the Ku Klux Klan was founded by six former Confederate soldiers.  The Klan terrorized the black population for more than a century.  These Klan members were primarily Democrats.

When Democrat Woodrow Wilson became President in 1913 he segregated the Federal Civil Service System which had not been segregated.  Black citizens knew that it was next to impossible to get work in the Federal Government.  In fact, black postal clerks had screens put in front of them so that customers would not see them.

The 1915 movie Birth of a Nation, which is an incredibly racist film portraying black men attacking white women and killing people, was screened in the White House by Woodrow Wilson who declared it to be a wonderful and true movie.

The Confederate flag flew throughout the South on state property because Democrat governors, including Bill Clinton in Arkansas, authorized the flag to be flown. 

Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia was a high ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan.  He was a leader in the U.S. Senate and revered by all Democrats, especially Bill Clinton who had nothing but praise for Byrd at his funeral.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 would not have passed if Republicans in Congress had not voted to support it.  The Democrats did not have the votes to pass it.  It finally passed with a vote of 73 to 27 in the Senate.

Finally, if you want to talk about civil rights, the greatest civil right is the right to be alive.  Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood is portrayed by the left, especially women on the left, as a great person.  She wrote about birth control services as a means to limit and in fact eliminate the black population.  Even today, the majority of Planned Parenthood clinics are in poor and inner city black neighborhoods.  Hillary Clinton was given the Sanger award in 2009.

Republicans need to stop taking this talk about being racist and against blacks and other minorities.  We need to challenge the statements that the left constantly makes.  Inaction means that racism continues because the focus is on the opponent and not on the issue at hand.


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