Newsletter - May 2015

It appears that one of the most divisive issues in the country and in the Republican Party at this time is the issue of immigration/amnesty. It is essential to remember that history is being rewritten in the media and in the Democrat Party. The rhetoric is all based on “Republicans are against immigration.” This is certainly news to all those Republicans who are immigrants or are the children of immigrants. No, most Republicans are against illegal immigration.

How did we get to this point?  Immigration from Europe was always controlled because people had to cross an ocean to get here. Ellis Island authorities had very definite guidelines which they generally followed. 

Immigration from Mexico for many years was a question of people on both sides of the border going back and forth.  Many migrant workers worked part of the year in the United States and then went home to their families. The bracero program gave them the right to go back and forth. 

In 1964 the bracero program which had been started in 1942 was discontinued. 

One of the problems we have had in recent years regarding people coming across the border illegally is the fact that the United States has not enforced the law as it should. As conditions in countries south of the border worsened, more people came to the United States. Enforcement of immigration laws became more difficult and often was ignored.

In 1986 the Simpson/Mazzoli act passed in Congress which allowed for approximately three million illegal residents to apply and complete the paperwork to become citizens. Many of these people had been in the United States for many years. Simpson/Mazzoli required that these people pay application fees, learn English, understand American Civics, pass a medical exam and register for military selective service. Anyone with a felony or three misdemeanors on their record was not allowed in the country.

Many of these requirements are also those listed in the Senate 2013 Gang of Eight bill. However, the reason this bill would probably fail is the same reason that the aftermath of Simpson/Mazzoli did not go as planned. Border security and increased law enforcement were to come later. That never happened. It is not happening now with Barack Obama releasing convicted illegal immigrants and border agents being restricted in what they can do. 

The refusal of our government to enforce our laws both nationally and in California is having negative effects on legal citizens. Jerry Brown has opened the doors of California to illegal immigrants. Many are people looking for a better life. Some have no intention of building a better life through hard work. Sitting at the table of taxpayer benefits is their idea.

Here are a number of the effects that illegal immigration is having on the country and California.

Legal and illegal immigrants will hit a record high of 51 million in just eight years eventually accounting for 82% of all population growth in the United States according to new U.S. Census figures.

It is estimated that 3Million illegal aliens live in California. The cost of state and local services is $25.3 Billion.  Half of those costs ($12.3 Billion) are the costs of K-12 education for those children who are here illegally and for those illegals born in the United States.

$2.1 Billion is spent to provide supplemental English language instruction to limited English proficient students, many of whom are the children of illegal residents.

Medical Care for non-citizens totals $4.0 Billion. Public Assistance costs total $800 Million.  

Administration of Justice functions total $4.4 Billion. General Government Services total $1.6 Billion.

The argument is sometimes made that there is tax revenue from illegal residents. Actually, that tax revenue is about $3.5Billion.  

It is estimated that 2.45 Million undocumented persons live in California. As of March 27, 2015 half a Million undocumented persons had applied for drivers licenses as allowed in AB 60. It is expected that over the next three years 1.4 Million more undocumented persons will apply for driver’s licenses.  California by its own admission states that AB 60 will cost the state $64.7 Million per year.

The best step a state can take to discourage the arrival of illegal aliens is to utilize the E-Verify screening system designed to prevent employers from hiring illegal workers. California is moving in the opposite direction by adopting measures designed to accommodate illegal aliens living in the state. The whole matter is not helped by this President allowing illegal aliens into the country and even flying family members from other countries to the United States.

Security of its citizens and its resources is a major responsibility of the government. When people are entering the country illegally with no background checks and no medical clearance the potential for danger to citizens is great. We have no idea which of the people entering the country have intentions to do us harm.

A country that does not identify, secure and guard its borders loses its identity as a country.  Overwhelming numbers of persons who are not committed to becoming Americans and assimilating into the American culture change the entire country.

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