Newsletter - August 2018

In spite of all the propaganda about how great California’s economy is there is always the truth.  Yes, California has a very large economy.  However, it also has crippling pension costs, poorly managed public lands, very high taxes and social problems which appear to be insurmountable. 

How do rational voters change the situation?  Fortunately, we still do have a vote. Unfortunately, not enough voters are using that very basic right.  This November voters will have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote and maybe start on the road to saving California.  We hear all the time that people are either leaving or going to leave California.  Sounds good except for one small fact.  Many of the people leaving California are determined to bring many of the insane policies they supported here to their new home.  It seems that they have not connected the policies with the negative results they don’t like.  We need to remember that the progressive agenda is not just in California. 

So, what can we do?  We can become informed about who is running for state office and work to get them elected.  Even two or three Republican wins for state offices will do a lot towards changing the direction of this state.

John Cox:  is one of the top two winners for Governor in the June election.  Mr. Cox was born in Chicago and was raised by his mother.  He earned his B.A. degree from the University of Chicago where he majored in Accounting and Political Science.  He received his J.D. degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law at night while working as an Accountant during the day. Mr. Cox and his wife have four daughters.

In 1981, Mr. Cox founded a law firm specializing in corporate law and tax planning.  In 1985, he founded Cox Financial Group Ltd. which specializes in investment counseling income tax planning, retirement planning and asset protection.  In 1995, he founded Equity Property Management, a firm specializing in apartment rental property.

Mr. Cox has run for office a number of times.  His races were not successful although he stated that he ran these races for a variety of reasons. In March 2017, Mr. Cox announced his candidacy for Governor of California in 2018.  He finished second in the race. Mr. Cox launched his campaign with the slogan “clean out the barn.”   Mr. Cox has reportedly contributed $4.4 Million to his campaign.

Steven Bailey:  Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) our candidate for Attorney General was an elected Superior Court Judge in El Dorado County for 8½ years where he had assignments in criminal, civil, probate and juvenile cases. He also served 4 years as the Presiding Juvenile Judge.  Prior to his service on the bench, Judge Bailey was in private practice handling criminal and administrative law for 19 years and was a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.  Under Governor George Deukmejian, Judge Bailey was the Deputy Director in charge of Legislation for the California Department of Social Services.  Judge Bailey plans to bring a fair and impartial approach to the Attorney General’s office and focus on reducing crimes, not fighting Washington D.C.

Mark Meuser:  Our Republican candidate for Secretary of State was an entrepreneur at the age of 12.  As an adult he completed law school and opened The Meuser Law Group.  He has successfully argued and won litigation before the 9th Circuit Court.  He is an elections law attorney.  The Secretary of State is in charge of the voter rolls.  There are 11 counties in California with over 100% voter registration.  Los Angeles County has over 144% voter registration.  Voter rolls are not up to date.  California has over 10,000 people whose date of birth is in the 1800s.  Many of those folks are still voting.  Mark is committed to cleaning up the voter rolls and investigating, auditing and prosecuting those who have committed felonies by violating election laws.

FACT:  The Attorney General and the Secretary of State are the officials who write the ballot measures that we vote on.

Konstantinos Roditis:  The Republican candidate for Controller has been a City Commissioner for the City of Anaheim.  He has been the CEO for a number of companies including Sigma Development, LLC and CR Automotive Group, Inc.  He was the Auditor/Compliance Coordinator for Residential Finance America.  Konstantinos understands business and is committed to ridding government of waste, fraud and abuse.  He stands behind the average taxpayer and not special interest groups in Sacramento.

Greg Conlon: Greg Conlon is the Republican candidate for State Treasurer.  Greg is a CPA and was a senior partner in a Big Five accounting firm.  He was appointed by Governor Wilson to serve on the California Public Utilities Commission as President for two years and Commissioner for four years.  Greg also served two years as Commissioner on the California Transportation Commission.  Greg also earned his J.D. law degree from the University of San Francisco. 

Mark Burns:  Mark Burns is the Republican candidate for the State Board of Equalization District 2.  He has worked in Silicon Valley real estate for 32 years.  Mark has chaired the Citizen’s Oversight Committees on K-8 and 9-12 school districts in his community for almost a decade.  He has been the Chair and/or President for the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors (SilVAR) a 4500+ members trade association, and has successfully argued twice for County Supervisors to retain Prop 90 for seniors and disabled.  He is committed to fighting for Taxpayer’s rights.

Matt Heath:  Matt is the Republican candidate for Assembly District 2 in the California Legislature.  Matt has served on a school board and a small business owner.  He is committed to preventative health care options, the full funding of Proposition 98 and always a reduction of taxes.

Dale Mensing:  Dale is the Republican candidate for the Second Congressional District which extends on the coast from the Oregon border to the Golden Gate.  Dale is committed to protecting the right to bear arms and a 15% flat tax.

Carl DeMaio:  Carl DeMaio is the man who has organized the Repeal the Gas Tax initiative. That initiative is on the November ballot at Proposition 6.  Vote Yes on Prop 6.  The money from the gas tax will find its way to many other things besides roads.


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