Newsletter - December 2018

One of the great tragedies of the failure and lack of real education of our school system is the incredible ignorance of so many Americans.  This is not ignorance regarding the principles of quantum physics or obscure mathematical formulas.  This is ignorance about the fundamental principles regarding the establishment of our country and what is needed for our country to survive and flourish. 

Great ignorance about what constitutes a country is evident in the battle raging at our southern border.  Many Americans, who have a good heart and are concerned about the misery many persons in the world experience, believe that there are no significant problems with allowing the migrant caravans at the southern border into the country. 

This attitude, although very kind, totally ignores the truth of what is going on down South. Most news reports, which are very biased and not well researched, describe the many migrants as a spontaneous uprising of women and children fleeing Honduran gangs.  It is assumed that Mexico and the United States will find a way to take care of all these people. Of course, the United States will be expected to take these thousands of people with no money, health issues and few skills into the country.

It is obvious, when real research is done, that this migration was very well planned.  These travelers all had food, bathroom facilities, and many trucks and trailers to ride in.  The web site Pueblo Sin Fronteras (City without Borders) lists the actions and demands of these migrants.  The manifesto lists the San Diego Migrant and Refugee Solidarity Coalition as a group composed of migrant rights and social justice groups.  They called for action on November 25th to commemorate the anniversary of the 2017 Honduran election stolen by the US government-backed, right-wing military dictator Juan Orlando Hernández.  The web site goes on to list all the problems in Central America as symptoms of United States foreign policy, corporate profiteering and war-making. 

The web site also states that the Trump administration is creating a warlike atmosphere against the caravan.  It is assumed that a cabinet of white supremacists and a majority GOP in the Senate is in agreement with the Trump administration.  When one digs further into all of this it becomes clear that concerns for women and children are the furthest thing from the minds of the caravan organizers who are far-left activists, possibly the remnants of the gangs that destroyed Venezuela. 

All of this information is available in the Spanish language press which is something that our national press never seems to look at. 

Now, let’s discuss the question of why so many Americans are confused about what is going on at our southern border.  This goes back to what is a country and what is a border. The simple definition of a border is: the line that divides one country from another.  That seems to be hard for many people to understand.  We have a large group of people in the United States who are all for open borders.  That means there is no line that divides one country from another.  What constitutes a country?  The dictionary definition is “a nation with its own government occupying a particular territory.”  This also means a place with laws, culture, language and history which is known to all the citizens.  When these factors are diminished, the country is weakened.  Of course, a country may have many people speaking many different languages.  However, a nation with a clear identity has one language for official business that is expected to be spoken by all citizens.  The history of a country should be known by all the citizens.  That is how a country remains a cohesive entity.

Now, what happens when thousands of people from another country with a different language, culture and history just arrive?  They have not gone through a vetting process.  They have no documents and have not gone through a health evaluation.  They have little or no money and no sponsor since they are coming to the country illegally.  In fact, when they enter the United States they are often living in hiding because if they came in through one of the ports of entry and were told to return for a hearing, many never show up for the hearing. If they snuck in they will certainly be in hiding. This means that we have an entire sub culture living in the shadows.  What happens when major, national issues arise that require a united nation?  Issues will not be solved as they should be and the nation suffers.

If a person studies honestly what is going on at the border it becomes quickly clear that there are strong forces behind the caravans of people trying to get into the United States illegally. A tremendous amount of money has been spent by various people and groups to facilitate these migrants.  What is their goal?  It seems rather clear.  Weaken the United States and destroy its place in the world.  The migrants may be looking to improve their personal situation but the powers that be behind these caravans have very different goals.

The other major problem in our country is the biased media.  True journalism means ferreting out the facts, reporting them without bias and providing objective statements.  That is not happening when it comes to the topic of the southern border.  The media reports on law enforcement at the border not on the people trying to break into the country.  They ignore the billions of dollars the Mexican cartels have made from human trafficking and assisting people to break American laws.  They also ignore the many stories of people illegally in the country who have killed Americans. 

Many Americans can be manipulated into doing anything when it comes to taking care of “the children.”  Pictures suggesting that children are being harmed brings out cries of anguish that the government is abusing children.  The facts are different.  The Department of Homeland Security has pointed out that in a five month period there has been a 314 % increase in adults and children at the border claiming to be a family unit.  These were not family units.  In some cases, the child was being trafficked and brought to the United States to be sold into slavery or forced into prostitution. 

Anti-American forces throughout the world are working to bring down the United States and unlimited, unlawful immigration would do just that.  These forces are watching to see how America will respond to this invasion.  More Americans need to learn exactly what this means.  The future of our country depends on it. 

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