Newsletter - July 2020

We are obviously living in very troubled times.  The current turmoil in the country has a number of causes.  The coronavirus has obviously unsettled the entire society.  People are sick, stressed, worried and tired.  The economy has taken a nose dive and how things will ultimately turn out is not clear.  Then, on May 25, a police officer in Minneapolis, who probably should have been off the force years ago, caused the death of a black man who was in custody.  Immediately, riots and protests broke out around the country.  These protests were led by the group known as “Black Lives Matter.”


Before jumping up to support any group, it is always good to know everything you can about the group.  The term Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by an organization that has a very specific goal and the betterment of black lives is not at the top of the list.


Contrary to the belief of many people, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is not a grassroots, black-created organization dedicated to fighting racism.  BLM was created by a group of a few extreme individuals, non-profit corporations and the corporate media.  The web site for BLM states that BLM is a global network foundation that is active in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.  It is funded by George Soros of the Open Society Foundation, Rob McKay (heir to Taco Bell), the Ford Foundation, the Borealis Philanthropy, the Democracy Alliance and many others. 


A co-founder of Black Lives Matter is Patrisse Cullors who admitted on one of her blogs on 6/19/20 that she is a radical, anti-white Marxist.  She has said: “We actually do have an ideological frame.  Myself and Alicia Garza (Co-founder of Black Lives Matter) are particularly trained organizers – we are trained Marxists.  We are super versed on

ideological theories...”  The Black Lives Matters website states very clearly that they have a goal to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement.”


Another major goal of BLM is to defund the police.  Any totalitarian system of government wants to get rid of an honest police force.  Hitler got rid of the police in Germany and then the Brown Shirts took over as the law keeping authority. 


Patrisse Cullors has appeared on CNN (6/19/20) and proclaimed that “Trump needs to be out of office.  He is not fit for office.  And so, what we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out.  We’re also going to continue to push and pressure Vice President Joe Biden around his policies and relationship to policing and criminalization.  That’s going to be important.  But our goal is to get Trump out.” 


Is Black Lives Matter political?  Go to their website and click the Donate button.  You will be directed to ActBlue.  ActBlue is a 501c Charity that is managing the expenditures of Black Lives Matter.  The largest part of their funds go to the Democrat Party.  Remember that over 250 major corporations gave money to Black Lives Matter so they would not be harassed although they claim they are strong supporters of BLM.


What is of concern beyond the current chaos in our country is the upcoming election.  Many people who are conservative by nature just want to live their lives, raise their families and live a peaceful life.  The chaos in the country may turn some of these people off and cause them to stay home and not vote in November.  That would be disastrous.


Bernie Sanders may have lost the nomination but he has not lost the platform.  


Joe Biden is putting forth programs that are the exact replica of Bernie Sanders proposals.


Joe Biden plans to increase taxes that will total $4 Trillion over a decade.


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is an advisor regarding the environment.  Mr. Biden plans to invest $1.7 Trillion in clean energy.


Mr. Biden plans to spend $2 Trillion on early education, post secondary education and housing.


He also recommends $1.3 Trillion on infrastructure. 


Mr. Biden plans to raise the corporate tax rate to 28% up from the 21% President Trump lowered it to.  He also intends to end shareholder capitalism. 


Mr. Biden states that police have “become the enemy” under certain conditions and believes that some funding needs to be cut or redirected to other things.


Here is Mr. Biden’s Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for Working Families.


  • Remove the fancy words and here is what this plan means.
  • Carry out his Wuhan virus plan which is a more expensive version of what is being done. Hand out more taxpayer funds. 
  • Create a Public Health Jobs Corps which will probably include more “Contact Tracers.” 
  • Send money to unions.  Biden will create millions of good-paying union jobs by spending on manufacturing through infrastructure plans “to meet the climate crisis.”  He will also unionize care givers and push union organization and collective bargaining.
  • End Charter Schools.


The list of Biden’s proposals is not even close to what his entire program includes.  Check his web site and everything that keeps coming out from his campaign.  It is very scary.


Bernie Sanders didn’t win the Democrat nomination but his socialist program certainly has.


Republicans and Independents need to get involved in the November election.  Republicans must retake the House and keep the Senate along with reelecting the President.  Joe Biden’s election could well take the United States down the road of Socialism.  It only takes about 10 years to destroy an economy and ultimately a country.


To voters who think their votes don’t count:  In the New York 2016 mayoral election Bill DeBlasio, that paragon of mayors, won the election.  There were 4.6 Million voters in New York.  1,097,846 voted.  726,361 voted for DeBlasio.  He won with 8.5% of the vote.

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