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The Sonoma County Republican Party is certainly a player in the political process.  As we come closer to the election, politics will be more and more in the news.

Politics is defined as the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate of conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.

Many people say they aren’t into politics finding it confusing, often dishonest and resulting in the wrong people winning.  That is a very understandable reaction since most of us like to avoid as many unpleasant situations as possible. 

However, the reality is that while a person may not be into politics and ignores anything related to political action, that does not mean that political actions and decisions will not affect them.

The best current example is the passage of Obamacare.  All Democrats voted for it.  All the Republican elected Representatives voted against it.  Some people expressed a great deal of concern regarding this law.  Other people felt it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  That was seven years ago.  Now, the negatives about Obamacare are increasing quickly and people are discovering just what the negatives are.  Premiums have skyrocketed.  Doctors are not available.  Services are being cut.  Insurance companies are pulling out of the system since they are losing massive amounts of money.  Basically, Obamacare is going broke. 

This was a political process.  How many people were really paying attention to the process?  How many bothered to get involved?  Apparently, not enough!

There is another word I would like to define.  The noun Volunteer: a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.  The verb Volunteerfreely offer to do something.

The political process could not function without Volunteers.  If we relied totally on paid personnel a country would become an oligarchy. 

Volunteers are needed to work on campaigns, manage booths at fairs and exhibits, make phone calls and work with political parties to further goals that are arrived at by party members. 

It is very tempting to criticize what a political party may or may not be doing.  A lot of that has been going on in the Republican Party.  Many of those who are unhappy with the Republican Party are people who have not taken part in the process.  Often, they do not even bother to vote.

This creates a vacuum.  Vacuums get filled.  In the political process, the vacuum is often filled by liberals who believe they are winning and so keep working harder.  Their ultimate goal is to change the United States in a number of very significant ways.  It appears that they are succeeding.

In California, we have a very large vacuum.  It is in the state legislature.  The state legislature is a political body that has a great deal of impact on our daily lives.  The number of laws that are passed that directly affect the average citizen is enormous. A two thirds majority in both the Senate and the Assembly means that the majority can pass any law they want and when it comes to Democrats this usually means more taxes.  That is why our local Sonoma County Republican Party is focusing on elections for the State Senate and the Assembly.

Greg Coppes is the Republican candidate for the Third State Senatorial District and Charlie Schaupp is the Republican candidate for the Fourth Assembly District. 

Both of these districts encompass Rohnert Park and each has parts of the Sonoma Valley.  If we are going to change the make up of the California legislature, volunteers need to walk precincts in those areas. 

If you don’t work for change, you cannot complain when the change that happens is not to your liking.



Greg is a resident of Solano County.  He served in the United States Air Force and then became an independent business owner.  He has partnered with non profit organizations that promote Veterans rights and has also mentored students through coaching football.  He worked to have a bill introduced that gives tax relief to active duty personnel.  Greg is a proud supporter of the North Bay Stand Down of Homeless Veterans and was recognized as the Dixon Veteran of the year. 

Greg is extremely knowledgeable about the water situation in California and is a strong proponent of Water Storage.  He is committed to working for enactment of fiscal reforms to stop waste and fraud and to repeal job killing regulations. 



Charlie’s family has been farming since the 1880’s.  He is a former officer in the United States Marine Corps and an Iraq war veteran.  He has served as a school board member and currently serves as a Director of the Esparto Community Service District.  Charlie has a Bachelors degree in Soil and Water Science from Chico State University and also studied Viticulture and Enology as part of a graduate program.

Charlie is committed to reducing regulations levied on farms and small businesses.  He believes that we can change the direction in Sacramento and bring back trust, confidence and honesty to our state government. 





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