Newsletter - November 2017

There should not be much argument that these are difficult times in the United States when it comes to political issues and how Americans view the problems in the country and possible solutions.

This situation is a major issue in the Republican Party.  There are major divisions in the Party between many people elected to office and the average Republican voter.  The election of Donald Trump has only deepened those divisions between various groups of Republicans.  Never Trumpsters cannot believe he won the presidency and most would rather die than give him any support.  Others act as if they support him but when it comes to crucial votes they abandon him.  Then there are those who support the issues he ran on and are happy with what he is doing. 

Republicans in California have deeper problems than Republicans in many other states. 

We are heavily outnumbered by Democrats and Decline to State voters.  Many Republicans have moved out of state because of the financial situation in the state and coupled with the fact that people on the other side treat Republicans as less than human.  That can be hard to take day after day.  That is one of the reasons that many Republicans in Sonoma County do not want to discuss their political views.

So what is the Republican Party in Sonoma County supposed to do? 

First of all, the majority of Republicans in Sonoma County support Donald Trump.  They are very happy that he is shaking up the Republican and Democrat Establishment.  This of course is one of the major reasons that he won the election.  It is also a major reason that he is hated by many in the establishment.  He just doesn’t follow the establishment play book.

There also appears to be some confusion among Sonoma County Republicans regarding the role of local parties.  The main job of a local political party is to identify viable candidates for offices in the county and the state and assist them whenever possible to win elections.

The Party receives communications from various people who believe that we should be doing more to support the President in Washington.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do beyond sending e-mails or making a phone call to the White House.  Because of the volume of e-mails that legislators in Washington receive, a response to e-mail can easily take a month.  We will have a far greater impact by electing Republicans in California.

Local county parties are focusing on the mayhem that is being created by the Democrats and some rogue Republicans in the state by legislation that is being passed including the current increase in gas and diesel tax and the upcoming increase in vehicle registration.

There is far too much focus on Donald Trump with incessant unfunny cartoons and columns by committed liberals in local publications.  It would be nice if these news outlets focused on some of the bizarre legislation being passed in Sacramento.  We are convinced that many voters in California have no understanding of the legislation being passed in Sacramento which has such a negative impact on California citizens and their daily lives.

Many voters would like California to be a Golden State again.  This will take work by people who don’t like what is going on in Sacramento.  One of the first things they need to do is get out and vote at election time.

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