Newsletter - November 2018

Have you stopped to take a deep breath after this election season?  Of course, one of the problems is that the media (internet, television, radio, press) have turned elections into hyper ventilating news items.  Everything that happens becomes the most important thing that has ever happened and demands our immediate attention.  Eventually people start to tune a lot of this hyperbole out and therefore, do miss important news. 

Let’s look at the national results.  There was supposed to be a blue wave that would match the Pacific Ocean.  Oh dear:  just a little bit of surf.  What happened? Well, it appears that voters did not care for the Democrat’s behavior around the Bret Kavanaugh confirmation.  People banging on the door of the Supreme Court did not score points.

Republicans were energized to get out and vote.  It is a bit sad that those Kavanaugh protests is what it took to energize so many. 

It would have been historic if the Republicans had held both Houses of Congress.  But, they did quite well.  They lost 23 seats (at this point) in the House which means the Democrats have control of the House.  Nine seats are still in the process of being counted. 218 seats are required for control of the House.  In the Senate, Republicans picked up two seats for sure and maybe one or two more. 

Now, it is essential that Republicans pay attention to the counting of absentee and military ballots.  Governor Scott has filed a law suit to make sure that the ballots in Broward County in Florida are counted correctly.  Of course, it is the same two counties in Florida (Broward and Palm Beach) that have historically had all kinds of problems with vote counts and appearance of numerous provisional ballots.  Stay tuned. 

Holding the Senate means that President Trump will be able to have judicial nominations confirmed without having to deal with the folks in the House.  He will also be able to have treaties approved by the Senate. 

There will be difficult times ahead since some of the people in the House are determined to investigate everything they can about the President even if there is no there there.  Of course, in their hate for the President and their absolute refusal to accept that he won the election they will spend time and tax payer money to conduct endless investigations. Believe it or not, most Republicans do not care about the President’s taxes. 

Of course, if you follow the leftists in the media you might lose your mind because of the ignorance, hostility and just plain lies.  A classic example is Joy Behar on The View.  Now, what is truly depressing is that Joy Behar at one point in her life taught school.  This is the woman who said that Republicans won some Senate seats because of gerrymandering.  Joy, Senate seats are voted for by the entire state.  There are no districts to gerrymander.  Yet, millions of people watch this show.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

People who are paying attention have noticed that whenever the President announces something about a policy or a personnel issue, there are suddenly crowds of demonstrators protesting whatever the issue.  How does this happen?  Well, let us not forget the billionaires floating about.  Tom Steyer, billionaire climate change guru, organized demonstrations throughout California as soon as the President announced the name of the acting Attorney General.  Suddenly, there were large protests in cities throughout the state.  Could some of these protestors have been paid?  Imagine that.  By the way, would someone explain to these crowds that a President has the right and the power to change cabinet positions.  Cabinet appointments are not guaranteed for life.

Living in a state where Republicans are so under represented because of their numbers means that many offices are won by Democrats.  That is why it is crucial that every Republican be informed on issues and votes.  The other factor that so many voters are unaware of is Proposition 14.  Only the top two winners in the primary advance to the general election.  That is why there were only two Democrats running for Lieutenant Governor and United States Senate.  Talk about eliminating the opinions of any other political parties (There are six officially recognized political parties).

In closing, it is important to acknowledge what Republicans living in Sonoma County and much of California deal with on a regular basis.  Abuse and fear that if they are found out to be Republicans by friends and co-workers their life will be changed.  Some “friends” will stop speaking to you.  Employers may decide that they don’t really need you.  Some people will stop patronizing your business.  What is ludicrous is that persons on the left really believe that they are open minded and full of love for everyone.  That love does not always transfer to those dastardly people who actually register as Republicans.  In their opinion, Republicans are racist, misogynistic and generally hateful. 

Unfortunately, our experience at the County Fair provided just the opposite view.  It was persons on the left who cursed and screamed at the Republican booth.  No Republican went to the Democrat booth and harassed their volunteers.

One last point:  Donald Trump has really upset many people.  His manner is not “presidential” in the opinion of many.  Donald Trump is what fighting back against the left looks like.  Let’s remember:  George W. Bush never fought back and was always polite to all.  It didn’t seem to matter.  They landed up making a movie about assassinating him.  No one got too upset. 

Donald Trump is hated by the Washington, New York and Los Angeles establishment because he is not part of the swamp.  The elite do not want their comfortable existence disturbed.  They are all so proper and well spoken.  Of course, what is going on in the background is extremely destructive to our country.  The establishment is happy living in their protected enclaves.  In the meantime, the freedoms of the average American are being curtailed.  It really is time to wake up!

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