Newsletter - November 2020

Well, you certainly can’t say we live in dull times.  Most of us would probably want a little more dull in our lives when discussing the national scene. 

We are now in the national frenzy regarding the 2020 presidential election.  The media, which today is just another arm of the Democrat Party, has declared Joe Biden the winner.  No state has been certified and there is clear controversy about some of the states that “voted” for Mr. Biden.  President Trump is told to move on and concede.  The fact that such a concession would validate possible fraudulent elections does not appear to concern many of our leaders.  The future of accurate elections appears to only matter to Republicans and those who are committed to the rule of law.

The other issue that has raised its ugly head is the hate being showered on conservatives and those Americans who support President Trump.  This is truly “shocking.”  Liberals are supposed to be those people who have love and have tolerance for everyone.  These are the people who tolerate and even praise every bit of aberrant behavior or woke ideas such as changing an eight year old child’s gender.  Oh, wait.  That love and tolerance does not extend to people who disagree with you politically. Those people must be destroyed. 

The 2020 election highlights a process that occurs in every society.  The people at the “top” always have a comfortable life style and the power that goes with it.  In other words there is always a “swamp.”  How deep and how dirty it is varies from place to place. The Washington D.C. swamp does not want its comfortable and lucrative life style disturbed.  Donald Trump was a massive disturbance.  He had to be done away with. The degree to which people were prepared to stop him has been proven by the recent disclosure that James Jeffrey the United States Special Representative in Syria. hid the actual number of troops in Syria contrary to the President’s orders.  Civilian control of the military was therefore subverted by someone who thought they knew better.  That is not a problem for the swamp. It’s ok.   It was against Donald Trump.

The irony of these past four years which many on the left do not and apparently cannot understand is what Donald Trump has accomplished and how he did it.  One prime example: the Covid-19 vaccines which are going to be available very soon.  How did he do that? Oh, that’s right.  He got rid of the multitude of regulations government always imposes.  Donald Trump is a business person who gets things done.  He does not call for a commission to study things to death.

If the left is able to get rid of Donald Trump you might think that life will return to “normal.”  How wrong you are.  Donald Trump, to many on the left, represents the many Americans who go to church, work their jobs which might not be performed in an office, and raise their children to respect the flag.  That is just not to be tolerated.  If Donald Trump had not received so many votes in 2016 to win, he and his voters would have been forgotten.

This attitude is played out in the restrictions placed on citizens by Democrat Governors during the pandemic.  Churches are closed.  Casinos and abortion clinics are open. You have to watch out for those church goers.  They are very dangerous people!

So, how do conservatives deal with the current situation, especially in California?  First of all, we need to support the Senate races that are going on in Georgia.  Chuck Schumer cannot be allowed to become the Majority Leader of the Senate.  Donations and phone calls will make a difference.  An almost humorous recommendation made by some Democrats is for Democrats to move to Georgia so they can vote on January 5th.  However, there appear to be residence requirements in Georgia and penalties for moving there to vote with no intention to become a permanent resident.

Let’s look closer to home.  This year the Sonoma County Republican Party endorsed four candidates who ran for city council positions.  One race is still undecided.  All the candidates put forth a strong effort.  We need more Republicans and conservatives to run for local office.  They need to start earlier and determine the best way to become known in the community. 

At the county level Republicans need to find a way to obtain appointments to city and county committees.  Grass roots groups need to unite, attend meetings and provide input to discussions about local topics.

It is very important for Republicans to understand how the political system works and how to affect decisions made at the city and county level.  If we do not unite and speak our minds the freedom we have will be further diluted.  We cannot let only those on the left to express their opinions and make demands.

Many Republicans in California have moved or intend to move to other states that are more Republican.  Unfortunately, Democrats are also moving to these states in order to get away from the high taxes and poor governance.  However, they continue to vote Democrat and therefore turn these red states purple.  It appears that some people do not understand what real governance and management is.

There is one other step that Republicans need to take.  Many already have.  Media platforms such as Face Book, Twitter and Instagram are owned and managed by liberals who are ready to censor opinions and facts they do not agree with or do not like.  It is time for conservatives to expand their business choices.  Platforms such as Parler (one owner is Dan Bongino) and MEWE expand and protect our freedom of speech that is one of our basic freedoms.  Please  remember that Google keeps track of where users go on the web.  You can use and get your information without being tracked. 

The patriots during the revolution put everything they had on the line for their freedom. It appears that today’s patriots also have to fight for their freedom.  These are challenging times. 

As Ronald Reagan said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

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