Newsletter - October 2017

It has often been said that we get the government we deserve.  Given the fact that so many people do not pay attention to political issues (outside of headlines and a quick message on Social Media) and often do not even bother to vote that statement about the government we get is probably true. 

There is always a group of people (usually government bureaucrats) who are convinced that they know better than the rest of the people.  Consequently, they busily pass laws to fix everything (whether it needed to be fixed or not).

A prime example is Proposition 14 in California which went into effect in June, 2011.  The California Legislature had on its own placed the Proposition on the ballot in 2010. 

Voters passed this proposition by 54% of the vote.

Proposition 14 allows only the top two candidates for the offices of State Assembly, State Senate, House of Representatives and the United States Senate with the most votes in the primary to move on to the general election.  The key advantage, and the manner in which this Proposition was sold, was the claim that “more moderate” candidates would be elected to office. 

First of all, since when is it the business and duty of the government to determine that more moderate (whatever that means) candidates should be elected.  Is this what should happen in a free society? 

There are a number of problems with Proposition 14.  First and foremost it eliminates many voters.  We have six recognized political parties in California: Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, Peace and Freedom and American Independent.

Ultimately, Proposition 14 means that members of these parties have no voice.  Now, some might reply that these parties don’t win elections so what difference does it make. 

Minority political parties have a platform and people who vote for them.  Over time some of their issues become part of the mainstream.  That is how a democracy is supposed to function.  That will never happen under Proposition 14. 

There have lately been mailings from former Republican Party leaders claiming that Proposition 14 is good because it forces Democrats to spend a lot of money winning races.  This is rather foggy thinking because since Proposition 14 went into effect, there are many more legislative races where there were only two Democrats on the ballot.

During the presidential campaign and the U.S. Senatorial campaign, the party received many calls from voters wondering why there were no Republicans on the ballot.  They were totally unaware of Proposition 14.

Proposition 14 is a restriction on voter’s rights.  There is an effort to repeal this Proposition.  Tom Palzer is sponsoring an initiative to repeal Proposition 14.  Because the initiative is a repeal and not a replacement, there are no pages of legislation to labor through.

It will require 585,407 signatures on petitions to support the repeal and get it on the ballot for the November 2018 election. 

Now is the time to take back our government from bureaucrats trying to manipulate things the way they want them.

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