June 2021

Election Integrity

The 2020 election certainly highlighted many controversies with the election system in the United States. Whether or not the validity of certain election results will ever be settled is an unknown at this time. However, the results of the 2020 race have put the spotlight on many of the challenges involved in arriving at honest election results.

The area that is most vulnerable to election fraud is the voter registration lists. This has been an area that has been most susceptible to fraud. It was for this reason that in 1993 Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act which mandates the all-important voter list maintenance obligations. The Act was enacted for two different goals. 

The first was to “increase the number of eligible citizens who register to vote, enhancing their “participation in elections for Federal Office.”

The second was to “protect the integrity of the electoral process, ensuring that accurate and current voter rolls are maintained.”

The most significant provision of the National Voter Registration Act is the requirement that every application for a state driver’s license must also serve as a voter registration application opportunity. That is why the federal law is termed the “Motor Voter” law.  From 1992 through 2012 the registration rate has increased nationally by more than 11%.

The second goal of the National Voter Registration Act was to ensure accurate and current voter rolls. This goal has not been met.

A recent authoritative study done by the Pew Research Center noted that “24 million – 1 out of every 8 voter registrations in the United States are not valid or are significantly inaccurate”; “that 1.8 million dead individuals are listed as voters” and that “2.5 million people have registrations in more than one state.” 

In 2019, Judicial Watch found at least 2.5 million voter roster names that were beyond the population of the jurisdiction.

The National Voter Registration Act covers 2,800 counties in all the states. Approximately 20% (581 counties) of the 2,800 counties reported sending confirmation notices during the last two-year period to fewer than 5% of their registered voters. 

In 2018, Los Angeles County had about 1.6 million inactive registrations. Judicial Watch filed a federal lawsuit which mandated that Los Angeles clean up its significantly outdated voter registration rolls.

List Maintenance claims were included in federal complaints filed by the Department of Justice against Missouri, Maine, New Jersey, Indiana, and the City of Philadelphia.  In 2009, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Voting Section of the DOJ told staff that voter list maintenance cases were no longer a priority. 

Let’s look at Sonoma County.

Registered Voters as of November 2020:             300,586

Ballots cast in 2020:                                              272,244

Not Voting:                                                             28,342


Democrats:                                                             168,614

Republicans:                                                             54,084

Libertarians:                                                                2,996

Peace and Freedom:                                                      930

Green:                                                                          2,088

American Independent:                                                8,324

No Party Preference:                                                  60,656


Republican Party                       61,825 votes           23.04%

Democrat Party                       199,938 votes           74.52%

Peace and Freedom                       740 votes               .28%

Green Party                                1,499 votes                .56%

Libertarian                                   3,418 votes              1.27%

American Independent                   832 votes                .31%

The Coronavirus gave people who are not interested in honest elections the perfect vehicle to manipulate election results.  Here are the most common methods.

·         Ballot Harvesting

·         Opt-out Automatic Voter Registration

·         Abolition of Voter ID Requirements

·         Abolition of Voter Residence Requirements

·         Same-Day Voter Registration

·         Out-of-Precinct Voting

·         Abolition of the Electoral College.

Without fair elections, our country will be no better than a banana republic.  We cannot let this happen.

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