August 2021

Let’s Shock the World! 

We have seen the TV ads and we have heard them on the radio as well. The ads from Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and the rest of the Democrats. They are trying to sway us to believe that the recall is a ploy from rich Republicans and Trump Supporters and of course the white supremacists and the people who were responsible for the fabled insurrection of January 6th .

All lies.

All propaganda.

They know it and the facts show it.

Contrary to the propaganda of the left this was a bi-partisan effort in order for the recall to get on the ballot. To qualify a recall of the Governor, proponents need a minimum of 1,495,709 valid petition signatures. This number is equal to 12 percent of the votes cast for the office of Governor in 2018, which was the last time the office was on the ballot, and signatures must come from a minimum of 5 different counties. Furthermore, disenfranchised Democrats would have to support the recall in droves in order to make it successful in a state where just 24% of voters are registered Republicans. Based on information provided by LA County there are many more Democrats than Republicans that are fed up with the actions of Governor Newsom.

According to the LA County Registrar of Voters there were 146,507 signatures collected for the recall. 52.45% were registered Democrats, 24.95% were No Party Preference and coming in last were Republicans at 17.15%. For a county that is predominately Democrat I would have to say this blows the Democrat propaganda machine out of the water.

We have to stay strong. We cannot be discouraged. We have to come together to “Make California Great Again” because it is evident that there will be an attempt at fraud during this election. Gavin Newsom announced that he is allowing voters to “print your own ballot” under the guise that this will help voters that are handicapped to be able to vote easier from the comfort of their own home.

According to the Secretary of State website there will be access to the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail (RAVBM) This system allows voters to mark their selections using their own compatible technology to vote independently and privately. To use a RAVBM system, a voter must do the following:

  • 1) Download the application
  • 2) Mark their selections
  • 3) Print their selections
  • 4) Sign the envelope (using the envelope provided with the vote-by-mail ballot or the voter's own envelope)
  • 5) Return the printed and signed selections either by mail or by dropping it off at a voting location. The selections cannot be returned electronically.

According to The Electoral Knowledge Network, There are strict security and controls that must surround ballot paper printing. Ballot authenticity is provided by the use of special papers, paper stocks must also be strictly controlled, and it demands total print accuracy. If this is not met the voting machines will not accept the ballot and then it is subject to adjudication.” When this happens, the ballot is also subject to fraud as the ballot would be manually transferred by hand onto a blank ballot and then run through again to be counted.

With that said, how is this process helping the handicapped or any other person? Step 4 states to use the envelope provided with the vote by mail envelope – meaning you already have a ballot! Why do you need to print your own ballot other than to cause it to go into adjudication?

Fear not for those in Sonoma County – at least here in our own county there is the Sonoma County GOP which has formed an Election Integrity Committee. They will be at the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters Office witnessing the counting of the ballots.

So, let’s get out and vote. Support the recall effort and fill in the “Yes” Box to recall Gavin Newsom, then fill in the box next to the name of the replacement governor that you wish to support. Let us “Make California Great Again!” Let’s send a message to all the other US Senators and Congressmen regardless of their party, that we are taking control again and that we will replace all that are up for re-election in 2022 unless you start representing the people that elected you. After all, if the heavily Liberal state of California can do it, then any state can do it!

Let’s shock the World!

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