July 2021

                           Recall!      Recall!       Recall!                                 

It is so exciting to live in California where every time you turn around you may just find that you have a recall election staring you in the face.

Sonoma County is extra lucky this year.  We will have two recalls in the county.  There will also be an election in Rohnert Park.  The elections are set for September 14th.

The first item on the ballot will be whether or not to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. There will be two choices on the ballot.  The first choice will be Yes or No on recalling Mr. Newsom.  If the choice is yes the voter will then move to the second choice.  Select from the list of candidates for Governor and make a choice.  If a majority of the voters vote to recall the Governor  then he will be gone and whoever gets the most votes of the listed candidates will be the new Governor.

Sonoma County has another vote on the September 14th ballot.  Enough signatures were gathered to place District Attorney Jill Ravitch on the ballot for a recall vote.  However, no one has put their name forward to replace her.  Anyone who might be interested in overseeing the

team of attorneys and staff that handle criminal prosecutions in Sonoma County has until 14 days before the election to register their interest in serving as a write-in candidate.  The only persons who can be candidates must be registered voters and attorneys admitted to practice before the state Supreme Court.  Therefore, if the District Attorney loses the vote and is recalled and no one has put their name forward then the Board of Supervisors will appoint a replacement.

The third issue on the ballot is only for Rohnert Park voters.  This issue has to do with the sale and use of fire works in Rohnert Park.  On April 27, 2021 the Rohnert Park City Council voted to prohibit the sale of fireworks in Rohnert Park.   The ordinance regarding the sale of fire works in Rohnert Park was suspended when the City Clerk certified that there were sufficient signatures on a petition to repeal the ordinance prohibiting the sale of fireworks in the city limits of Rohnert Park. 

The election regarding the sale of fire works will be held on September 14th.

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