Independence Day is not just on July 4th.  The principles of  Independence Day must live throughout the year if we will continue to be a free people. 


The Sentinel is adding an editorial to the monthly edition.  However, this month there are no words better than those of Victor Davis Hanson.  Therefore, this article will be a summation of his July 14th article.

Gavin Newsom has spent some of his campaign money on advertisements boasting that California is America’s true “free” state. Professor Hanson lists all of the issues in California that Governor Newsom  ignores in his ads.

1)   California’s once-vaunted freeway system is near the bottom of all   state comparisons.

2)   Over half the nation’s homeless crowd the state’s major cities.     One third of                                         America’s welfare recipients have flooded into the   state. A fifth of the resident population               lives  below the poverty   line.

3)   California public school test scores consistently fall among the   bottom 10 states.

4)   San Francisco has the highest per capita property crime rate in the   country.

5)   California faces brownouts due to the longstanding, deliberate    curtailment of electrical                   generation plants.

6)   Yosemite’s historic redwood forest is currently threatened with   what are now                                        customary California summer conflagrations.

7)   The state has not built a major reservoir in nearly 40 years.

8)   Millions of acre-feet of runoff and snowmelt simply cascade to the   sea.

9)    Newsom labels Montana a homophobic hellhole and does not   reimburse state employees                  who  dare to convention there.   However, he did vacation at the upscale digs of his                                Montana in-  laws escorted by his ample state-paid security detail.

10)  Newsom has given illegal aliens millions of state dollars in COVID   relief.

11)  Instead of developing California’s rich gas and oil reserves,   Newsom promised motorists that         he would send them a one-time   fuel gift of $400. 

The Governor brags about a “free” California that will entice Floridians or Texans to California.  The facts are: over the last decades, hundreds of thousands of Californians and billions of dollars of wealth fled California for Florida and Texas among other states.

“Newsom resembles a pathetic owner of a once-successful but now run-down, high-priced gas station without clients.  In jealousy, he flails and screams at the newer, gleaming competitor

across the street with superior service, lower prices and better value-and jampacked with his own former but now wiser customers.”

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