June 2021

Your Legislature at Work!    

In case you are wondering if you should vote yes on the recall of Governor Newsom, here is an example of why you just might want to say goodbye to the Governor. It is also an example of why you might never want to vote for a Democrat legislator.

In January 2021 Senate Bill 132 took effect. This bill allows transgender-identified male state prison inmates to transfer into women’s prisons based on “individual preference” – no hormones, surgery or time spent living as the opposite sex required.

So far 264 male prisoners have declared a non-male identity and formally requested transfer to women’s facilities. 

The House of Representatives has passed the Equality Act. If it passes in the Senate, incarcerated biological men who identify as female would be entitled to transfer to women’s federal prisons and possibly state prisons nationwide.

Women in prison generally have no objection to transgender inmates who have undergone sex-reassignment surgery. However, many men who are transferring to female prisons are not even on hormonal medication. Therefore, women in prison can be locked in a room with a man 24/7 who is a fully functioning male.

Many of the men coming into the women’s prisons are 6-foot-5 and 300 pounds. Apparently, the female guards at the Chowchilla prison are as upset by SB 132 as the inmates are.

The California law also directs cavity searches to be conducted “based on the individual’s search preference” meaning if a biological male who identifies as transgender would prefer to be cavity-searched by a female officer, he is entitled to it.

SB 132 is an example of the kind of law that the state legislature is passing. It truly is time for a change. 

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