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Election Day - March 7, 2017

​Vote NO on Measure A 

Vote NO on the Special Election Tax

The Sonoma County Republican Central Committee recommends a “no” vote on the ballot measure to be voted on March 7, 2017.

The Republican Party recommends a “no” vote for several reasons:

  1. This new tax is not guaranteed to be used to lessen the effects that legalized cannabis will have on Sonoma County residents.
  2. This new tax would not decrease the so-called “black market” sales of cannabis and other drugs, but, would instead in our opinion, increase the black market many fold.
  3. We object to the speed with which the county Board of Supervisors is cramming this item forward with such a hastily called, and costly special election.

When the California legislature approved the trio of bills known as MCRSA in 2015, that group of bills specified that certain taxes were to be allocated to lessen the effects that cannabis will have on the population. The county Board of Supervisors was well aware that they could specify an allocation percentage of this new tax to certain departments that would be most heavily impacted.  But instead they chose to have the entire tax go to the general fund, which can be used wherever they deem most expeditious. There’s no guarantee that the extra tax money will go to the Sheriff’s office or the health department.  Indeed, there’s no guarantee that all the money won’t go to salaries and pensions of an already bloated county government.

Additionally, this new tax is being touted that it will help decrease the “black market” for cannabis and other drugs in Sonoma County.  However, we believe that it will have the exact opposite effect. This new tax, combined with the ordinance as adopted by the Board of Supervisors, creates a new, large group (some have estimated at least 5000  citizens of Sonoma County) who will now become criminals, all at the stroke of a pen. That is shameful behavior on the part of our elected officials. This new tax will have the effect of increasing the cost of medicine to those people who need it and the cost of recreational cannabis to those interested in purchasing that.  The price on the black market goes up as the price of legitimate goods goes up. These new taxes and restrictions will force that price up and the black market price will go up with it thus making it more attractive for criminals.

Lastly, we object to the speed with which the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors is hurrying this item forward and the very costly special election they called.  We are concerned that they’re trying to put something over on the public without proper vetting of the new tax before its citizens. It was so hurried that no opposition had the time to even prepare a response for insertion in the ballot.  Furthermore, the cost is outrageous. The estimate is that it cost $400,000 for this special election. We don’t understand why the county could not wait and combine it with other upcoming elections.  Don’t we have better uses for that $400,000?

For these reasons the Sonoma County Republican Central Committee recommends a “no” vote on Measure A on March 7, 2017. 



February Meeting of the Santa Rosa Republican Women Federated

February 28, 2017 @ 11:15 a.m.

Flamingo Hotel and Conference Center

Speaker:  Tom Schwedhelm

Update On Hot Topics In Santa Rosa



March Meeting of the Sonoma County Republican Party


March 15, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.

Sonoma County GOP Headquarters

1421 Guerneville Rd. Suite 110

Santa Rosa 95403

All registered Republicans are welcome to attend







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1st Vice Chair: Debbie LeBoy

2nd Vice Chair: Ron Sondergard

Treasurer: John Reyes

Secretary: Eileen Berger

Communications Director: Matt Heath





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