Newsletter - January 2020


It is time for Conservatives and Republicans in general to speak up about the venom that is coming from leftists and many Democrats regarding President Trump. 

Focusing the blame for all the nation’s problems on one person indicates that available arguments are very very weak.  It is interesting to hear that all of the nation’s problems are due to President Trump.

During the past two weeks there have been horrific attacks on Jewish citizens in New York.  Mayor Bill De Blasio, that paragon of efficiency, has blamed Donald Trump for these attacks because of his supposed anti-Semitic beliefs.  Because so many people do not know what is going on this blame may work.  To anyone who has the facts, this caricature is ridiculous.  Donald Trump’s daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren are practicing Jews.  President Trump is the President who moved the American embassy to Jerusalem as opposed to all the Presidents who said we should but who did not move the embassy.  He has been extremely supportive of Israel during all of the attacks that the Israelis face on a daily basis.

Two weeks ago, Marc Galli, the editor of the religious magazine Christianity Today wrote that Donald Trump should be removed from the presidency because he is an immoral person.

Now, it is very interesting that the editor of a religious magazine has decided who is moral and who is immoral.  Isn’t this something that the Almighty determines and mere mortals should not judge the morality of other people?  We can make judgments about a specific action.  That is different from judging a person’s morality.   What is most interesting is that many religious people had little to say about previous presidents who did things that would suggest that they should be out of office. 

Let’s look at some of Mr. Galli’s reasons for his opinions.  He believes that the President violated the constitution.  Mr. Galli does not describe what part of the constitution the President violated.  His claim is that Mr. Trump attempted to “coerce a foreign leader” meaning the phone call from Mr. Trump to President Zelenshyy of Ukraine on July 25, 2019.  Mr. Galli states that the President’s conversation with the Ukrainian President was “profoundly immoral” because he was investigating a political opponent.   Apparently, it is immoral for a Republican to investigate a political opponent and political corruption.  It is not immoral for Democrats to investigate political opponents since they have been investigating the President ever since he was sworn in. 

Mr. Galli also states that Mr. Trump should be removed from office because he hired and fired people who later became “convicted criminals.”  Is this guilt by association?  Our legal system does not work this way and neither does the constitution.

Of course, one of the major issues that has dogged Mr. Trump is the Access Hollywood tape released on October 7, 2016 and all of the allegations of his relations with various women over the years.  Mr. Trump apologized for the tape.  He has never presented himself as a faithful man when it came to women.  He has apologized and released a videotaped statement.  “I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not.  I’ve said and done things I regret and the words released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them.  Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am.  I said it.  I was wrong and I apologize...I pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down.”

The American people elected Donald Trump even though they knew of his past behavior. When Mr. Galli calls for the President’s removal because of past words and behavior he is basically calling for a reversal of the 2016 election.  Mr. Galli makes no claim that the President “has admitted to immoral actions in business and his relationship with women during his three years in the White House.” 

Why is the standard for Donald Trump different than other Presidents?  He should be judged on his time in the White House.  Imagine if other Presidents were judged on their activities prior to entering the Oval Office.  There might have been many resignations. In fact, one President was impeached for perjury concerning his relationship with a White House intern. 


  1. Appointment of judges (of course the left is not happy with the judges appointed).
  2. Significant tax cuts.
  3. Massive elimination of wasteful government regulations.
  4. Strengthening the United States military.
  5. Confronting China regarding their theft of our intellectual property.
  6. Moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  7. Supporting laws that protect the unborn child’s right to life.
  8. Continuing the battle to build a truly effective border wall.
  9. Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord which was a financial gift to other countries because of money from the United States.
  10. Revoking Waterways of the U.S. regulation which took control of private property.
  11. Maintaining energy independence for the United States
  12. Defeating ISIS in areas within Iraq and Syria.
  13. Pressuring NATO allies to meet their financial obligations regarding defense.
  14. Denying federal funding to institutions that do not protect student speech.

President Trump has been under continual attack ever since he won the election.  His Impeachment was planned before he was inaugurated.  The Democrat House of Representatives has not passed legislation to deal with many important issues such as immigration.  It has passed legislation which the Senate has not taken up. Senator Mitch McConnell has vowed to block progressive policies that come from the House.  That is a major reason that much legislation passed by the House has not been taken up by the Senate.     

The last area that needs to be addressed is the incredible hate manifested and stated by the RESISTANCE and those people who hate Donald Trump.  This is most unfortunate.  Many people did not like Barack Obama and certainly did not agree with his policies.  Constant expressions of hate did not occur.  The hate that is being expressed by the Resistance is quite disconcerting.  The amount of hate and venom that is often expressed in all kinds of obscenities is of great concern as related to the future of the country and our political system.  Supporters of the President are basically being told that their opinions, beliefs and votes do not matter.  If that attitude becomes a majority, we no longer have a free country.  We will be a nation of people who are all in lock step with no dissent allowed.  

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