Newsletter - February 2024

If you believe the left side of the national spectrum, you will have heard that the Great Replacement Theory is right wing fantasy.  Statements by Vivek Ramaswamy at one of the debates had the left in heart attack mode.  Ramaswamy stated that the Great Replacement Theory is not some grand right-wing conspiracy theory but a basic statement of the Democrat Party’s platform.  This statement had political activist Van Jones calling Ramaswamy’s statement poison and one step away from Nazi propaganda. 

Why does a statement like this from a Republican candidate cause such angst on the left side of the spectrum?  Could it be that there is some truth to Ramaswamy’s statement?

Let’s take a look at what is happening all over the United States.  Millions of people from well over 100 countries have walked into the United States.  Probably over one million of the people who walked into the country are known as got aways and no one knows who they are or where they are.  A person might ask: why so secretive about your identity and your whereabouts.  We also have thousands of military age, single men coming into the country.  Where are they going?

What would be the strategy behind all of these millions of people walking into the country?

The Democrat party has always portrayed itself as the party of the little guy.  Currently, the Democrat party strongly supports the people coming in across the border.  President Biden reversed the Trump policies that gave the country a much more secure border on his first day in office.  Therefore, we have people coming into the country who have no food, health benefits, little money or jobs. Many owe money to the cartels that got them into the United States.  Of course, many of them especially young boys and girls are being trafficked.   Who is going to take care of them?  You, the American taxpayer.  Meanwhile, many in government who are doing well never seem to experience any of the consequences of so many poor people coming into the country.  The Democrat soft-on-crime criminal reform policies have turned our cities into battle grounds.

Many on the left see low-skilled, low wage non-English-speaking workers as a real asset to the economic fortunes of those at the top.  However, there is an economic burden of $451 Million annually on the taxpayer. 

Most of our readers know who Cloward and Piven were.  In case you don’t they were a couple of professors (married) who wanted to change the American system and way of life.  They were committed to the eventual collapse of capitalism and American sovereignty. There are many people in the country today who thoroughly believe what Cloward and Piven pushed.  The number of illegal immigrants who have minimal resources and often owe money to the smugglers who got them to the United States will eventually overwhelm our social safety net.  They will owe their vote to the party that let them come into the United States without restrictions and who is giving them a lot of free stuff. The color of their skin is irrelevant.  What will be important is how they vote. 

Now, the New York Times, the Guardian and numerous other publications have relegated the Great Replacement Theory to a racist idea that was supposed to originally be started by Jewish elders.  That position is one way to negate any value in the theory.  However, what are American citizens supposed to think when people here illegally receive thousands of dollars in benefits such as housing, credit cards and medical benefits. Children are being moved out of their schools so that people here illegally have a place to stay.  If the goal of one political party is to eventually have all of these people become citizens and able to vote, why would they not vote for the party that facilitated their entry into the United States and allowed them to stay and gave them a lot of financial help. 

Is it possible that the Great Replacement Theory in 2024 applies to members of a political party and has really very little to do with race and ethnicity.

A further example of Democrat duplicity is the mass shooting on May 14, 2022 in Buffalo, New York.  The killer, who will spend the rest of his life in jail, spouted all kinds of racist statements while he was killing 10 African American citizens. 

This event gave Mr. Biden and his administration the opportunity to claim that Republican rhetoric and positions on immigration radicalized the shooter.

However, when he was Vice-President, Mr. Biden stated that a “constant” and “unrelenting” stream of immigration would reduce Americans of “white European stock” to an “absolute minority” and that this was a “source of our strength.”

The historical political bloc in the administration of John Kennedy was the white working-class voter.  In today’s Democrat party immigrants are key in what is known as the “coalition of the ascendant.”  This is the demographic argument Ruy Teixiera made in the The Emerging Democratic Majority which was published in 2004. 

In the book, Teixeira argued that Democrats should exploit “economic and demographic changes, including the growth of minority communities and cultural shifts among college graduates.”  These communities have grown due to policies that have facilitated mass migration. Of course, they will be strongly advised as to how they should vote.

Contrary to the leftist propaganda, many Republicans are the children of immigrants who came legally and lawfully to the United States.  They came because they wanted a better life, more opportunities and a chance to live in freedom while raising their families.  They were proud of their heritage but they were proud and happy that they were now Americans. 

The current unlawful immigration in the United States is undermining the basic foundations of our country.  It is crucial that citizens understand the issues in the upcoming election and that they Vote.  Time is of the essence.

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