Newsletter - January 2022

If you have been paying attention this past year to national events you will have noticed some rather strange events.  Many cities have defunded their police. Riots and robberies have increased.   Many localities have  elected far left and progressive District Attorneys.  Many schools are busy teaching Critical Race Theory which results in segregation of students by race and basically returns the country to a pre-Civil War status.   Actual curriculum that prepares students to function as adults is not the most important thing. What is behind all of these actions which result in disharmony and outright civil discord? 

If you have ever spent time reading what you can tolerate of Karl Marx you quickly understand that the entire book is focused on the overthrow of one class of the population (bourgeoise) by the other class (the proletariat).  Pages and pages are devoted to how this will happen in every level of society. 

Now, society in 2022 is not as delineated as Marx describes it.  However, there are definitely well defined classes of people.  Some of those groups regard other groups as somewhat below the level of human.  For example, some people who go to college regard people in the trades as not too bright.  This view is often combined with a disdain for people who go to church and demonstrate allegiance to the United States and our flag.  Remember the deplorables!

Now, if you are part of the “upper class” you will want to remain in control of the country and make sure those “other people” are not in control.  How is that going to happen?

It will be essential to get control of the levers of government.  Elections must be won at all levels.  Appointments must be made to all of the governmental agencies by the “right people.”

One of the things that stands in the way of total control is elections.  Honest elections do not guarantee the desired results especially if the desired results are for one specific candidate. How do you guarantee the election results you want?  Voting by mail and not requiring voter identification can definitely change election results. 

One of the things that people who want to control elections are absolutely against is voter ID.  President Biden condemned the idea of voter IDs in a recent speech. 

“There is an unfolding assault taking place in America today – an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote in fair and free elections, an assault on liberty, an assault on who we are—who we are as Americans.  For make no mistake, bullies and merchants of fear and peddlers of lies are threatening the very foundation of our country.” 

He went on to suggest that requiring voter IDs would mean returning people to slavery.

Knowledge is really a great thing.  There are 47 countries in Europe.  46 of them currently require government-issued photo ID to vote.  The exception is the United Kingdom although Northern Ireland and many localities require voter IDs.  The British Parliament is considering a nationwide requirement requiring voter ID. 

35 of the 47 European countries do not allow absentee voting for citizens living in country. Another ten allow absentee voting but voters must show up in person and show an ID to pick up their ballot.

H.R. 1 (For the People Act of 2019) which Democrats in Washington have been pushing would prohibit states from requiring voter ID and require states to allow permanent mail-in-voting.  The federal government would oversee elections.  Mail in voting is an invitation to voter fraud.  Mail in voting does not require that a voter request a ballot.  Ballots are mailed out to everyone.  When voter roles are not kept up to date and some voter registrar offices not doing the job they should, vote fraud is very possible.

Now, we come to a more important question.  Let’s return to the first paragraph of this newsletter.  What is the underlying motive behind all of the civil unrest, the destruction of our school system,  law enforcement attacks, resegragating society and constant attacks on our history.

Some people will say they just want to improve our lives.  However, there is a much more nefarious motive for a large group.  The document that has frustrated and irritated so many on the left is the United States Constitution.  This document has provided the frame work for the governance of the United States and is our guiding principle.  There are many people, including some in office who would like to totally rewrite the Constitution and fundamentally change the United States.  Some on the left have proclaimed that the Constitution is the enemy of democracy.

Major changes in our country are happening.  New York has voted to approve non-citizens voting in all city elections which means 800,000 non-citizens and dreamers will be able to vote in municipal elections.  George Soros has backed many District Attorneys throughout the United States who win elections and then totally ignore the law when it comes to prosecution of crimes.  The new District Attorney in New York city is not going to prosecute a wide variety of crimes and misdemeanors.  This ignoring of crime is already happening in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago to name a few.

In New York, medications for the virus will be dispersed based on race.  Minorities will have first choice to medical treatment for the virus.  So much for equal rights!

A major attack on the United States is the schools that have been closed due to the virus. The virus has minimal effect on young people but the closing of schools has had a disastrous effect on the young. They have lost so much in education and in socialization.  Suicide rates among young people are very high.  This does not appear to bother the powers that be.

Another major attack on our system of government is the open border on our southern border. We have thousands of people coming into the country.  We do not know who they are, how they will support themselves and what are their ultimate reasons for coming to the United States.  Some of these people just want to make a better life for themselves.  Many are involved in human trafficking and extensive drug trade that is killing many of our young people.

So, what is the average citizen to do?  Get involved.  Those who want to destroy our country and remake it into some socialist dream are constantly working.  We need people to get elected to local offices such as school boards, water and fire boards, city councils and county offices.  School boards are so important because that is where the anti-American  curriculum is being taught and spread to our young people.  Young people have no knowledge of accurate history and the founding of our country.  They are being fed socialist propaganda. 

Leaving your state to escape bad policies is not the answer.  People pushing an ideology that denigrates our constitution are working throughout the country.  This is the fight of our generation.


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