Chairman's Message - September 2020

Did you used to think that political conventions were boring?  Well, if you watched the Republican Convention this year and thought it was boring you might want to check your temperature and make sure you are still with the living.  The speakers were outstanding because they were real.  They were our fellow citizens sharing some of the most important events in their lives.  They spoke about events and issues that deeply mattered to them.  They support President Trump because they believe that he will support Americans regarding the events and issues important to them.  That fact came across clearly in the Republican Convention.  Unfortunately, the Democrat convention focused primarily on one thing: they hate Donald Trump.  That gets very boring.

As election time gets close, voters have many questions.  Ballots generally are sent out about one month before the election which is on November 3rd.  Absentee ballots in the past have been sent to voters who have asked for them.  Therefore, the voter has signed the form and that signature is kept on file and checked when the ballot is returned.  You may mail in your ballot or take it to the Registrar of Voters office at 435 Fiscal Drive in the Sonoma County complex. If you mail your ballot do so at least a week and a half before November 3rd.  Apparently there will be some precinct places open for walk in voting.  Locations should appear in the paper.

When the Governor talks about sending out a ballot to everyone even if they have not requested it, the problem is that ballots are sent out to everyone on the voter rolls.  If these rolls are not regularly cleared and corrected then many people are on the rolls who do not belong there such as the dead and those who have moved.  Voter fraud starts with people voting who should not be voting.  You may ask:  what about the signatures?  Yes, signatures will be checked but that takes time and slows up the count.   Ballot harvesting is legal in California.  That means you can get someone else’s ballot and turn it in or maybe not turn it in.  Republicans tend to not give their ballots to other people.  Democrats are more willing to give their ballots to another person.

As many people have said, this is the most important election of your life.  This year many of us would agree with that statement.  It is critical that Republicans vote.  We will need overwhelming numbers to get past the tricks that Democrats will play.  In order to get out the vote, the Sonoma County Republican Party has rented 8 computerized phones.  We will be calling Republicans in our district and those in various California Congressional districts. There are 435 Representatives in the House.  198 are held by Republicans, 232 by Democrats,1 by a Libertarian and 4 vacancies.  Helping Nancy Pelosi retire as Speaker is one of our goals.  If Republicans take the House, Nancy is no longer Speaker of the House.

A schedule of times to sign up to make calls is on our web site.  www.sonomacountygop.orgWe also have Trump and Republican material for sale in the office and on our web site.  

Don’t forget to sign the Gavin Newsome recall.  The petitions are at the office.

Come join us and help make California the Golden State again.


In Freedom,

Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party

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