Newsletter - May 2019

As a rational, not filled with hate California Republican have you ever wondered what on earth has happened to the Democrat Party in the country and especially in California? To anyone who knows any history this is not Harry Truman’s Democrat Party.

There is a reason for this supposedly sudden change.  Some people, of course, will attribute it all to the election of Donald Trump who is portrayed in the liberal media as a complete aberration of an American President.  There is another reason that has not been advertised.

The California Democrat Party is the target of infiltration by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) which is the largest Marxist group in the United States.  This group works with the Communist Party and other socialist groups. 

In 2016 the DSA had almost 6,000 dues paying members.  In 2019 the DSA has almost 60,000 dues paying members.  The DSA may capture both the California Democrat Party and a significant number of County Central Committee seats at the next state convention which will be held from May 31 to June 2 in San Francisco. 

Unless you have been living in a closet somewhere, you know that California is now a one party state.  The upcoming battle is between the California Democrat Party center-left wing and the hard-left wing.  The hard-left wing coalesces around the Democratic Socialists of America. 

The battle will be fought in the Assembly district election meetings (ADEM).  These grassroots, internal elections are held every two years in the state’s 80 Assembly districts.  Fewer than 40,000 registered Democrats vote in these elections so an organized takeover is feasible. 

The DSA has about 25 local chapters in California and approximately 5,000 members. The DSA controls a number of organizations in California that are all left leaning socialist groups including the statewide California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus.  There are also close allies in the Service Employees International Union, National Nurses United and other unions. 

Slates of candidates are formed in all of the state’s 80 ADEM districts.  In 2019, progressives identified and supported 975 candidates to fill the 1,120 ADEM slots.  Two thirds of these candidates won and progressives swept 23 of the state’s 80 districts.  Progressives took 42 of 80 possible executive board seats.  Currently, ADEM delegates make up just one third of the state’s 3,000 plus Democrat State Central Committee slots.

The remaining positions go to Democrat office holders in California, their appointees and county committee party members.  Nonetheless, ADEMs are a very effective way for the far left to have a decisive influence in the party.

Delegates to a state political party determine who receives endorsements, what the party platform is, what the rules are and what resolutions are supported.  Delegates are always seeking to gain more influence on elected officials. 

At the upcoming Democrat state convention, the winners of the 2019 ADEMs can vote along with other members of the Democrat State Central Committee on who will be the next California Democrat Party Chair.  Eric Bauman, the former chairman resigned in November 2018 over sexual misconduct allegations.  Therefore the post is open. 

There are two candidates for CDP chair.  Kimberly Ellis is running against party Vice Chair Daraka Larimore-Hall and four other candidates.  It appears that the DSA will back Larimore-Hall.  Larimore-Hall is a long time supporter of the DSA.  He was co-chair of the DSA Youth Section at the University of Chicago.  Two years later he was elected to the DSA’s ruling body, the National Political Committee.  In 1996 Larimore-Hall represented the DSA in “socialist unity” talks with other Marxist groups.  He has also been active in more than 100 parties-strong Socialist International. 

In recent years, Larimore-Hall has been working his way through the ranks of the Santa Barbara Democrat Party. 

If the DSA and its allies become the dominant force in the Democrat Party of California the results in California would be disastrous.  More socialists would by elected to Congress, the U.S. Senate and appointed to California state jobs. 

Socialists have a totally opposite view from the Free Enterprise system.  We already have examples of this from watching the three Socialists in the House of Representatives: Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.  They have no idea of how a free enterprise system works as they extol the wonders of a socialist system. 

It is time for California Republicans to let their Democrat relatives, friends and neighbors understand what is going on with the Democrat party.  The Socialist trend in this state is quickly evident when one studies the legislation that is being passed in Sacramento.  The legislation is controlling, expensive and dedicated to government control. 

The word Socialist sounds good until you realize what that means in your daily life.  People need a true definition of Socialism and what group is pushing the concept.  The socialism practiced in countries such as Sweden and Denmark is not 100% true socialism.  A thriving free enterprise system in those countries provides the base for the socialist systems that are highly touted and provides the best possible life and the freest life for all the citizens in a country. 

Republicans need to get the word out about Socialism and what is going on in the Golden State.  It is best to fight while you are still standing not when you are on the ground wondering if you can crawl away in safety.

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