Newsletter - August 2019

The Sonoma County Republican booth at the Sonoma County Fair was the place to be if you are a Republican in Sonoma County and neighboring counties.  The party raised the money to have a larger booth, greatly expanded the information at the booth and of course highlighted Donald Trump.  What was the reaction going to be from fair goers?


What a shock!  Republicans from all over flooded the booth.  They wanted to talk.  Again and again they stressed how tired they were of being called racists.  They were very upset with the constant attacks on the President many of which are based on false or inaccurate information.  They wanted shirts, hats, bumper stickers and buttons.  We have learned that this response was happening at Republican booths at county fairs throughout the state.


So many of these visitors to the booth were business people in Sonoma County.  Some were retired but the majority were hard working people supporting their families and raising their children.  Most of our visitors support the President. 


Did we have other persons who were not that nice?  Of course!  Some people passing by cried out that we should be ashamed of ourselves.  This was especially aimed at women working in the booth.  We suppose that they are not ashamed of their support for Bill Clinton.  Some people were rude and occasionally obscene.  They were advised to move along.  Sonoma County Republicans are not the county dump for all those folks with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  We did have real discussions with people who did not agree with us. 


What do we take away from these 11 days at the Sonoma County Fair?  First of all, there is more support for the President than you would ever gather from reading the local newspapers.  Next, many Republicans are afraid to express their opinions.  The treatment they receive is contrary to what we believe to be free speech as expressed in the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Many people in the county are afraid to express their political views because they know that relations at work can become very uncomfortable or they might even loose their job.

The President’s style and tweets have upset many people who approve of his policies.  The tweets are tough.  Attack this man and he fights back.  This is what it looks like when a Republican fights back.  Is it any worse than what Democrats say about Republicans?


Now, it is important to note that much of what is reported about the President and the White House is inaccurate and occasionally just made up.  Rumors are constantly flying.  Of course, this President has been under constant attack from the media and the establishment since before his inauguration.  We haven’t even had the full story on the “investigation” about the President and collusion.  This was truly an attempt to overthrow a legitimate election.


Many of us were not happy that Barack Obama was elected but he was legitimately elected and we did not spend eight years trying to throw him out of office.


There are many wonderful activities and ceremonies going on at the White House which are never reported.  If you have access to it One America News (OAN) carries a lot of real news.  During the 2016 election an analyst made an insightful observation.

The statement was:  Mr. Trump’s supporters take him seriously but not literally while his detractors take him literally but not seriously. 


Now, obviously there is a major divide in the country between those who support the President and his administration and those who do not.  In fact, what is scary is that so many of the people who are against the President are filled with hate.  That is evident by what they say and what they think is funny when comedians lead their diatribes against the President and his supporters.  Where did this all start? 


Well, actually conservatives are battling progressives and a progressive philosophy.  Many people embrace a progressive agenda without really understanding what that means.


The first 100% Progressive President was Woodrow Wilson.  Progressives believe in a living Constitution.  That means the Constitution changes as events happen and new ideas take over.  It is good to remember that Woodrow Wilson resegregated the Federal Civil Service even going so far as to put screens in front of African Americans working for the Post Office so patrons would not know who they were dealing with.  Wilson was also the President who played the racist film Birth of a Nation at the White House and declared it to be true.  He also had laws passed that jailed people who were against going into World War I. 


The underlying difference between the average “progressive” citizen and conservatives is their ultimate goal.  Most conservatives just want to live their lives, raise their families, be good citizens and not try to change everyone.  The average progressive believes that if you can pass the right laws and everyone has to adhere to them we will have a much better country, life will be better for everyone and there will be peace.  Now of course, that means that people need to live a certain way even if they don’t want to.  A perfect example of this kind of “progressive” thinking is the California legislature.  This group is constantly passing laws about every possible item that affects the life of the average citizen.  They introduce up to 4,000 bills every year.  All of this legislation affects how a Californian lives.  Every aspect of our lives comes up for debate and change if a law passes. 


Now, when it comes to the Progressive establishment, the goal is different.  Changing the original constitution to a living constitution places incredible power in the hands of the establishment.   They will always have millions and armed security.  This is so evident with all of the Democrat candidates for President.   


This difference in how to live your life presents a real dilemma for Republicans in California.  The political atmosphere is so toxic that it is much easier to just fade into the background or leave the state.  There are a few problems with those choices. Everyone cannot leave the state.  Another problem is that people (both Democrats and Republicans) who move to other states often think that there are things about California which they would like to take with them. This is often met with hostility from people in the new state and it also means that some red states are turning purple. 


So, what do we do in Sonoma County?  The most important thing that any citizen can do is VOTE.  In the November election, 8800 Republicans did not vote.  People tend to forget that there are school board, city council, fire and water boards and commission elections.

There are over 100 registered Republicans holding these positions.  We need to secure and increase that number so that public policy is guided by persons who are not pushing a progressive agenda.  We then need more people considering a run for other boards, councils and commissions.  We also need people working with the Central Committee to get out the vote and build the party.  Check our web site and find out the activities that the Republican Party in Sonoma County is involved in.


Our monthly meetings are held at our headquarters on the third Wednesday of the month.


Come join us.  It is time to fight for our county and our state.

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