Newsletter-January 2023

 What is going on in our country?  In the last two years the United States does not look like the United States most of us grew up in.  Prices and inflation are through the roof.  Gasoline is double the price it was two years ago.  Everyone is supposed to buy an electric car even though we don’t have enough charging stations, the cars are very expensive and they don’t work in very cold weather or snow.  We are also involved in a war in Ukraine which seems to have no rhyme or reason for the United States.  And, worst of all our southern border is wide open with terrorists and drugs coming in at will.  Why is this happening?

To anyone paying attention and getting their news from someplace beside CNN, MSNBC and the nightly news on Channels 2, 4, 5, and 7, these events are all planned.  The ultimate goal is to radically change the United States.  There are many people who wish to change our constitution and change the United States.  Of course, China wishes to weaken the United States so our country is not a threat to their world domination.

The open southern border is a major way that the United States is being weakened.  The drugs coming into the country come via China to Mexico where the cartels put drugs into pills and candy and anything else where they can be hidden and get into the United States.  The major drug coming in is Fentanyl which is an ordinary chemical of extraordinary power.  Fentanyl was created as a synthetic alternative to the narcotic drugs naturally found in the opium plant.  Depending on the molecular variety or analogue Fentanyl can be as much as 10,000 times more potent than morphine.  People who use fentanyl are often looking for psychoactive “recreation.”  Fentanyl can be snorted, smoked, swallowed, injected, trans-dermally absorbed or anally inserted to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream as well as to bypass the body’s filtering systems.

The DEA’s Special Testing Laboratory recently found that six of every ten pills sold by dealers today contain a potentially deadly dose of Fentanyl due to no attention to standards by the clandestine producers.  The DEA’s Special Testing Laboratory stated that 379 million deadly doses of Fentanyl in pill and powder form were seized in 2022.  That is enough quantity to kill every person in America. 

The Mexican drug cartels have local representatives who sell to dealers in the country.  The cartels have a presence in over 3,000 American cities and towns.  Do you suppose that people would ever adhere to a basic rule:  Do not buy drugs online or from another person.  Only buy drugs from your pharmacy.  Of course, if you are looking for a cheap and illicit high you would ignore that basic health rule. 

Here is some additional information regarding drugs coming to America.  There are nearly 400,000 chemical companies in China.  The cartels arrange for the acquisition and shipment of the drugs to Mexico.  The Chinese and Mexican governments allow the cartels to operate.

We have had almost 2 Million people come into this country illegally since 2021.  Most Presidents have made an attempt to stop this illegal entry or at least keep it under control.  President Biden, however, has referred to these people as the Great Migration.  That means that we have people coming into the country who might have a good reason for coming but have no real understanding of our history, our government and our goals.  Schools throughout the country are being burdened with students who have little education and often do not speak English.  We also have the Got Aways who were not processed at the southern border.  That number is estimated at close to one million.  How many are on the Terrorist Watch List?  Who Knows?  251,000 illegal immigrants were counted at the southern border last month.  It is estimated that 2.6 Million people will illegally enter the United States in 2023. 

Let’s remember the Roman Empire.  The Romans could not or would not define their borders. They allowed the people from Northern Europe to enter the Empire and assumed that they would be assimilated quickly.  The assumption was that people were coming because they were not happy at home and would not try to impose their own culture.  Wrong!  The invaders from the North wanted the good  things the Romans had in their lands but they did not want to change their own culture.  Isn’t this what we have today in the United States?  People come to America for the good stuff.  Not all are interested in adhering to the American principles our country was founded on. 

Who else wants to radically change this country?  We have our old friend, George Soros.  He has been very open about wanting to change the United States.  He has given millions to secure the election of District Attorneys who do not enforce the law which weakens the fabric of the country.  He is also heavily involved with NGO’s (Non-governmental organizations). He has always pushed his Open Society.  There are approximately 199 organizations directly supported by Soros.  Many of these organizations have as their goal a removal of our border and the access of millions of people into the United States. Some of these organizations also support other groups that are anti America. 

The NGO’s underwrite the migrant pipeline funneling thousands of individuals without skills or proper papers into United States cities using taxpayer money.  These activities undermine border security and overwhelm border agents with unaccompanied children while cartels are importing drugs nearby.  The NGOs lobby for funds for the migrants and for policies that increase migrants.  Many of these NGOs are making a great deal of money which of course is taxpayer money.  It is truly amazing when under the guise of good intentions and good deeds very bad things can happen.

Our country is facing some of the most dangerous times in our history.  We are not fighting a declared foreign threat as we did in other wars.  The Civil War era was a time when our country was divided and on the verge of dissolution.  Today we are facing another threat of dissolution when our national boundaries are under threat of disappearing.  Our schools have been taken over by many people who are not committed to education but to indoctrination. 

So where does that leave patriotic Americans who are committed to the principles that this country was founded on?  Notice one thing.  People who want to destroy our country and the principles it was founded on are not resting.  They are working every day to further their agenda. If you care about our founding principles, you cannot sit in the corner and not get involved.  Moving to another state is not a long term answer.  The forces working against our country are all over.  Get involved.  Pay attention to what is going on.  Keep track of your local government and what it is doing.  Determine if you can run for a local office.  Help with someone else’s campaign.  In particular, watch what is going on with your local school board and your local school.  You don’t want to look back some day and think: I should have done something.

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