Chairman's Message - November 2022

Election Day is Tuesday! Please vote, sign, seal and return your ballot ASAP to the Sonoma County Registar of Voters before 8pm on Tuesday, November 8th! 

Please click here for the Official Sonoma County Republican Voter Guide. 

As of this past Friday, only 25% of ballots in Sonoma County have been returned. During the Recall Newsom election of 2021, over 2 million Republicans did not vote and in June of 2022, only 46% of eligible voters in Sonoma County returned their ballots. How can we expect to affect positive political change if we do not vote? Please return your ballot asap! 

Please click here for the official ballot drop boxes and vote centers for the November 2022 Election in Sonoma County. 

Once again the Sonoma County Republican Party is working to verify and secure our votes. We have volunteers monitoring and observing ballot dop boxes and voting centers all around the county and we have volunteers at the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters observing signature verification, ballot tabulation and adjudication. Please do your part and return your ballot! If you would like to help, please email here. 

Please click here for a live feed of the ballot counting room. 

Our office will be open 10am-3pm on Election Day Tuesday, November 8th.  We are located at 1421 Guerneville Rd Suite 216 in Santa Rosa. Please stop by with any questions or pick up a voter guide or candidate sign.

Please join us and fellow Republicans on Tuesday, November 8th as we watch the returns during our Election Night Party at Round Table Pizza (2065 Occidental Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95401) at 7pm. 

I will be joining KSRO live on air during their election night coverage on Tuesday, November 8th. Listen live online here or on air @ 103.5 FM, 94.5 FM and 1350 AM.

If you have any questions about the election please do not hesitate to call us at 707-542-7066. 

In Liberty,

​Matt Heath, Chair

Sonoma County GOP

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