Newsletter - August 2020

Donald Trump has managed to awaken every negative thought or feeling a person might have ever had.  That is quite a talent.  Of course, there wasn’t so much negativity when he was living in New York and giving money to various causes. 

Now, as we are coming to the 2020 election, people are showing their true colors.  The best example we have of that is the “Lincoln Project.”  What is that you may ask?  That is the name of the group of Republicans who are Never Trumpsters and are working to elect Joe Biden. 

The “Lincoln Project” is a political action committee founded by Steve Schmidt (John McCain’s 2008 Campaign Manager and leader of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2006 reelection campaign for California Governor).  Other founders are John Weaver (part of McCain’s 2000 campaign and the 2012 John Huntsman campaign and the 2016 John Kasich campaigns), Rick Wilson, former Republican lawyer George Conway and Mike Madrid, political consultant in California.  John Weaver registered as a foreign agent for a Russian state-owned energy company in 2019 and has an outstanding $313,655 federal tax lien against his Austin, Texas home.  This is the man who has often called Mr. Trump a “tax fraud” and “tax crook” on Twitter.

George Conway is married to White House advisor Kellyanne Conway and seems to have no problems attacking his wife’s employer.  This group of “leaders” is free to express their opinion of President Trump.  They are not so entitled to say they are disaffected Republicans while catering to a donor base of Democrats. 

The Lincoln Project loses any legitimacy when their other effort becomes evident.  This group wants to defeat Senate Republicans who are up for reelection this year.  That includes Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Joni Ernst, Martha McSally and Thom Tillis.  The rationale is that they want to punish them for supporting Donald Trump.  They also want to rebuild the Republican Party.

Let’s dig a little deeper and try to discover why this group of “Republicans” are so intent on destroying Donald Trump and the people who support him. 

Donald Trump comes out of the business world of New York construction and the world of television entertainment.  He did not come from the world of politics in Washington D.C. 

One reason that the “establishment” finds him so terrible is that he came down the escalator and proceeded to campaign and win the presidency.  He did this in spite of the 2005 Access Hollywood Tape which was supposed to be the death blow to his campaign.  It might be useful to remember that the tape was an example of locker room chatter.  There was no actual woman involved which is not the case with a number of Democrat Presidents who did have some interesting meetings in the White House.  Of course, we must remember those were Democrats.  Ah, the double standard!

However, a major reason that the “establishment” including the members of the Lincoln Project so despise President Trump is because he has threatened the “Deep State” and the very comfortable existence so many of them have had.  Both Democrats and Republicans have positions of power in the many agencies and bureaucracies in the federal government.  Even when there is a President of another party, the opposing bureaucrats often keep their jobs.  Many of these government jobs pay well, have excellent benefits and allow entry to all of the “right” places in the capitol’s social life.

Here is an example of the bureaucracy and what it means to many people.  The National Security Council (NSC) was started under Harry Truman.  The size has varied with different Presidents.  Under Dwight Eisenhower there had been about 50 people working in the NSC.  John F. Kennedy took that number down to 10 and it was a very tight group.  Subsequent presidents structured the NSC a little differently in each administration and the numbers varied.  By the time Barack Obama was in office there were 450 persons employed by the NSC.  President Trump and his National Security Advisor have brought that number down to 120.  That means that many of those employees have moved out of the White House and are working elsewhere. 

President Trump’s removing of many regulations also means that less federal employees are needed to enforce those regulations.  People whose goal in life is government service which includes good salaries, excellent benefits, permanent employment and access to all the beautiful people and events are not interested in a President who places the country and all citizens first.  On top of that, President Trump does not have the “good sense” to not fight back and not tell people exactly what he thinks.  This is not done in Washington.  Presidents, especially Republican Presidents, are supposed to take the abuse.  Mr. Trump does not play by the rules of Washington D.C.

The Lincoln Project members are people who have made a lot of money off of government.  They are also quite convinced of their superior intellect and wisdom.  According to their mission statement, their goal is to elect Democrats with a “shared fidelity” to the Constitution despite their “many policy differences.”  Watching modern day Democrats it is very difficult to find a “shared fidelity” to the Constitution in their actual actions and practice.  There appears to be only a constant effort to distort the Constitution so their goals can be achieved. 

A statement on the Lincoln Project homepage says that defeating Trump will allow the country to “heal its political and psychological wounds.”

The President did not divide America.  He just pointed the division out.  If anyone believes that this group of malcontents can play a role in uniting America we have a bridge to sell you.  The members of the Lincoln Project have a deep contempt for the people who voted for Donald Trump.  They of course know so much better.  Their lack of self-awareness and inflated sense of superiority is rather amazing.  They definitely need intense therapy.

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