Chairman's Message - August 2019

It is August and that means the Sonoma County Fair is in full swing.  This year’s fair is off to a rousing start.  The Republican booth is twice the size of last year’s booth and is full of great information and outstanding products that can be had for a small donation.  The response from Republicans has been terrific.  We have been registering voters and some of those have been people switching from Democrat to Republican. Congratulations to Debbie LeBoy whose creative mind designed the booth which has received kudos from all who come by.

Our September dinner meeting will be a great event.  Harmeet Dhillon, National Republican Committee Woman for California and lawyer extraordinaire will be our speaker at the September 13th event at the Double Tree in Rohnert Park.  Many of you have no doubt seen her on Fox News where she is a frequent contributor battling the leftists who appear.  Information regarding menu and price may be found here.

I know that many of you are depressed by the constant caterwauling of the Democrats. Some of the things they say might make you wonder if their IQ goes over 70.  The other fact that is somewhat funny is the use by all Democrats and media outlets of the same word in daily news casts.  The word of the day must go out over fax or e-mail because everyone on the left uses the same word.  What incredible creativity!

The shootings in El Paso and Dayton are horrific and leave a stain on our national life. What is worse is the Democrat response to these deaths.  They immediately blame President Trump and his rhetoric.  Last we checked President Trump had not recommended killing people you disagree with.  The claim that his anti-immigrant statements are racist and related to white supremacy is of course inaccurate.  The President’s statements have had to do with people breaking the law when they enter the country illegally.  If Congress is so upset with the President maybe they should stay in Washington and rewrite the immigration laws which currently are a mess.

Membership in our Patriot Club has increased and we will announce our speaker for August in the next week.  If you did not get a chance to get to the fair and check out our Republican products you will have a chance to do so at our headquarters.

The party has a great many activities planned in the coming months especially as we move toward the election.  Check our web site and the e-mails that come your way from the party.

Come join us and help to save our state.


Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party

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