Chairman's Message - August 2020

I hope that you are all surviving this pandemic which is beginning to look very suspicious.  A rational person might question why casinos, Home Depot and grocery stores are open but churches are not.  I didn’t realize that all those people praying was a major threat to the county.  Oh, let’s not forget.  Those praying people singing would be a major health challenge.

Question:  How long are people going to put up with a government that denies our basic rights as citizens?  You can do something about it.  The party is collecting signatures for the Gavin Newsom recall.  Georgia Lujan is our county coordinator.  She needs signature gatherers.  The GOP office will also be open so that petitions can be signed.  Check our web site for office hours. Contact Georgia at 707-328-8531.  If you don’t like what is going on in California are you ready to work to take back the House and keep the Senate.  If that doesn’t happen and the President is re-elected the House will impeach him every month. 

The GOP office will have computerized phones in September and October.  We need people to sign up and make calls.  Don’t give up on California.  Remember, if Joe Biden wins, every state will be facing the same issues that we face in California. 

I think it is important to comment on our current situation regarding race, prejudice and equal rights for all citizens.  The current group of demonstrators seem to think they have just discovered all the evil and injustice in the world.  They bring up complaints that have been around quite a while.  What they seem to forget is that the history of humanity is a progression of improving and correcting things that are not right.  To protest about endemic racism is to ignore the social improvements that have occurred.  The founding fathers struggled with the economic system of slavery.  Many were sure that it would disappear as it was not economically viable.  However, the cotton gin changed that idea.  Ultimately, 600,000 people died to end slavery. 

Our history has been a progression of continual efforts to improve the lives of Americans.  The Free Enterprise economic system has been the path for Americans to achieve economic security and independence.  The more that socialist ideas and principles have been introduced into our economy, the more problems we have had.  Unfortunately, the left has had control of our public institution of education for the last 40 years.  Basic facts seem to have been left out of the curriculum.

So much of important politics happens at the local level.  We need our Republican voters to get involved in local politics.  The filing deadline for Sonoma County city council, fire, water and school boards is August 7th.  Let us know if you are interested.  Contact me at

Watch our web site to keep up with what is happening with the Republican Party in Sonoma County,

Come join us.

In Freedom

Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party

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