Newsletter - November 2022

Well, the 2022 election is over for most places.  We do have a few states in the country that have not been able to figure out how to count the votes in a timely manner.  More on that later.  There has been much moaning and groaning from Republicans across the country about how the expected Red Wave did not appear.  How quickly some people jump to conclusions without understanding the facts.

First of all, Senate seats this year that were up for election were in the Democrats favor.  14 Democrat seats were up for election as opposed to 20 Republican seats. The two seats left for a decision are Georgia and Alaska.  Georgia is going to a run off election since neither candidate received 50% of the vote.  Alaska is still counting.  Alaska may not have the final count until Thanksgiving.  The race there is between two Republicans.  All other Republican Senators were reelected. 

The House of Representatives will be led by Republicans.  Control of the House requires 218 seats.  As the final count nears completion Republicans have that number.  A number of seats throughout the country have not had a final count including a number of seats in California which may well go Republican.  California congressional districts are important in Republican representation although to hear some people there isn’t a single Republican left in California.  It is possible that Republicans may have more than 218 seats.

It appears that the issue of abortion was a very important one for many people especially women.  The Dobbs decision was not understood by many voters who assumed that the decision meant that abortion was outlawed.  Due to the failures of our educational system, many voters do not understand that the Dobbs decision did not outlaw abortion.  It merely sent the question of abortion back to the states which means that individual states would determine abortion regulations.  In Dobbs the Supreme Court determined that since abortion is mentioned no where in the Constitution it is not an issue for the Supreme Court and should be determined by the individual states. 

A very important change in recent years, especially since the arrival of Covid 19, has been the use of mail-in-voting.  States which utilize mail in voting ballots sent to all registered voters include instructions to either mail the ballot to the Registrar’s office or take it to a drop box.  Ballot harvesting is also now legal in many states including California. 

Mail in voting has created confusion for many voters.  Many people are convinced that voting on election day is the best thing to do and guards against fraud.  Unfortunatly, that is not the case.

In California, if a person goes to a polling place with their mail-in ballot and states they wish to vote in person, they will be given another ballot to fill out and the ballot the voter received in the mail will be destroyed.  The new ballot is then sent to the Registrar’s office. 

Given the reality of mail-in voting the best thing for voters to do is to vote early and get their ballots to the Registrar of Voters.  As votes come in the Registrar is counting the ballots and those early ballots are part of the results that are given out on election night.  The longer that mail-in ballots are held the longer it takes to get a final count.  The Registrar has one month to tally all ballots and issue an official report.  Please note: Voting early does not mean six weeks early as happened in Pennsylvania before the debate between Dr. Oz and Mr. Fetterman.  One or two weeks is early.

There is also discussion and disagreement about how Republican money was given to the various candidates.  The method of financial distribution to candidates is a topic that must be addressed by the Republican leadership.  Senate candidates also must lay out a clear program and give positive reasons why voters should vote for them.

Finally, it is time for Republicans to get smarter about the political process.  Many Republicans pride themselves on being free people who are not afraid to express their opinion.  That is a great principle which honors the right of a free people.  However, given the negative political climate for Republicans it would be helpful to think before speaking.  Anyone who is aware of the political climate in the country realizes that the majority of the mainstream media is just an arm of the left.  Statements will be taken out of context.  Statements will be made up.  Republicans will be on the defensive.  Getting into discussions with the left side of the political spectrum is often not productive.  Candidates need to be prepared when speaking to the media.  Off the cuff statements can result in disaster.

It is useful to notice that usually Democrats all speak with one voice publicly.  Their disagreements are hammered out in private.  They provide a united front in public and that is one way they move their agenda forward.  Disunity does not move an agenda forward. 

Now, a word about Donald Trump.  It is truly amazing how Donald Trump lives in the head of so many people.  Democrats hate him because he upset the very deep swamp they profit from.  Some Republicans hate him for the same reason.  He did upset the Washington apple cart.  Unfortunatly, politicians and pundits have an incredible need to comment on everything and everyone.  Consequently, when Donald Trump states something in his typical New York manner, the political class just has to answer.  Remember, the media is not the friend of Republicans.  Attacks on Mr. Trump are ultimately aimed at Republicans.

Republicans in states like California need to focus on building strong county committees and electing more and more people to local offices such as school boards, city councils, fire districts and water districts.  These are the people who can then realistically run for supervisorial positions, state offices and win.

A note to all of our pundits. The United States is not a democracy.  The United States is a constitutional republic.  Due to the very poor education so many of our citizens have received, many people do not know the difference between a democracy and a republic.  If we wish to keep our republic, Americans need to get involved in their local government and fight to maintain our freedom. 


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