Local Government

Elected leaders  and those running our Government show us side A but they don't want us to see side B.  Here is more complete information. 

Since the mainstream media covers for the progressives currently in control of City, County, State and Federal Government it is up to each of us to become educated by reading alternative viewpoints such as:

  • The Sonoma GOP's own Sentinel to learn what you may not know about government and the mainstream media will not tell you  
  • Sign up for the Sonoma GOP monthly Newsletter to get the truth about issues the Democrats are manlipulating.
  • Lucianne.Com 
  • American Thinker


Other ways to become educated are:

  • Get to know who our Elected Leaders are and contact them to let them know your opinions on legislation.  
  • Attend City Council and Board of Supervisors meetings to get all the facts about the issues instead the brief coverage in the news.  Clicking on City Council and Board of Supervisor Meeting Schedules  shows the meeting schedules of the City Councils and Board of Supervisors and takes you the the page where meeting agendas are posted along with meeting minutes and video of past meetings. 
  • Reviewing Campaign Finance Reports regularly is a great way to see information elected leaders may not want you to see.
  • Clicking on Government Salaries allows you to see the  government salaries of everyone by name working in government.


Check the Sonoma GOP website regularly for additional information.  A few pages currently in the works are the meeting schedules for the  Planning Commissions and Legislation. 

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