Newsletter - November 2023

 If a person or a group wanted to radically change a country and how it is run and are prepared to have that happen over a period of time what would be one of the best ways to accomplish that goal?  Here is an idea.  Radically change the educational system.

Here might be some objectives to accomplish that goal.

  • Stop teaching history, both of the country and of the world.   Make sure that history that is taught is slanted toward one viewpoint and is very incomplete.  Of course, there would be no world history taught with the truth about various wars, who started them and who won them.
  • Math would be done only on a device.  The ability to figure out a problem could only be done on that device and an actual mental exercise would cause the student problems. 
  • Biology would present information with a slant.  Topics like abortion would never mention the actual events that occur during an abortion.  

Bad curriculum is one way to change the educational system.  Another, much more corrosive way is to create a break between children and parents.  Let the school take over the place of the parent.  Allow school personnel to make medical and psychological decisions regarding a student.  Pass legislation that prohibits parents from knowing major medical decisions that are being made for their children.  In other words, school personnel, medical personnel and lawmakers would be the people making major medical decisions regarding students. Parents would have no say in the treatment of their minor children.  

Another idea which has taken over schools, business and the political world is DEI.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion refers to organizational frameworks which seek to promote “the fair treatment and full participation of all people” particularly groups “who have historically been underrepresented or subject to discrimination” on the basis of identity or disability.  These three notions together represent “three closely linked values” which organizations seek to institutionalize through DEI frameworks.  

*Diversity refers to the presence of variety within the organizational workforce, such as in identity (i.e. gender, culture, ethnicity, religion, disability, class etc.), age or opinion. 

*Equity refers to concepts of fairness and justice, such as fair compensation.  Equity often includes a focus on societal disparities and allocating resources and “decision making authority to groups that have historically been disadvantaged” and taking “into consideration a person’s unique circumstances, adjusting treatment accordingly so that the end result is equal.” 

*Inclusion refers to creating an organizational culture that creates an experience where “all employees feel their voices will be heard” and a sense of belonging and integration. 

People who push DEI are very committed to making sure that everything comes out right according to how they see things.  That usually means taking from those who have worked for what they have and giving to those considered to have been oppressed. 

Where is DEI the most damaging?  How about our public schools?  When schools focus on diversity and making sure everything is “fair” minority students learn less.

The Heritage Foundation reported that 48% of school districts with at least 15,000 students have a chief diversity officer and that there was a consistent correlation between this and measurable learning loss during the pandemic by black and Hispanic students”  that significantly outpaced learning loss by the same demographics in districts without such diversity officers.” Parental rights were more likely to be ignored or trampled on by districts that employed chief diversity officers because they “were significantly more likely to have policies that kept the “gender transitioning” of students secret from parents. 

If a district is focused on “diversity,” traditional education is no longer the number one priority of the school.  When teachers are talking about identity, diversity, injustice and activism traditional education just might get pushed aside.  How much time is used when teachers are “directly talking about identity, diversity, injustice and activism?  How about the time it takes to hold a “clarifying conversation about anti-bias issues” with a four year old.  Can you guess what doesn’t get all the time required?  How about reading, writing and arithmetic. 

The changes in American education include the rise of the transgender movement,.  This agenda is everywhere, especially in our schools.  Activist public school teachers are pushing the transgender movement in their classrooms.  This is called “gender-affirming care.”  Let’s look at some history. 

Judith Butler, Gayle Rubin, Sandy Stone and Susan Stryker were academics in the late 1980’s who established the disciplines of  “queer theory” and “transgender studies.”  These people believed that gender is a “social construct” used to oppress racial and sexual minorities.  They denounced the traditional categories of man and woman as a false binary that was conceived to support the system of "heteronormativity” i.e. the white, male, heterosexual power structure. This group believed that the best way to achieve this deconstruction of the system was to promote transgenderism.  They believed that if men could become women and women could become men, then the natural structure of Creation could be toppled. 

Now, this push for the trans movement started in a couple of colleges.  How did it suddenly get to be at the center of American life?  As always, MONEY.  Some very wealthy people in the country started donating huge amounts of money to promote transgenderism.  Untold millions were donated by Jennifer Pritzker to universities, schools, hospitals and activist organizations to promote queer theory and trans medical experiments. Jennifer was originally James who inherited a large part of the Hyatt hotel fortune.  James announced a male-to-female gender transition in 2013.  Illinois Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker (cousin of Jennifer) signed legislation in 2019 to inject gender theory into the state education curriculum and to direct state Medicaid funds toward transgender surgeries. 

How does well-funded activism and political influence work in the real world?  Activists funded by Pritzker at Lurie Children’s Hospital provide local schools with training, materials and personnel who promote gender transitions for children, using the hospital’s reputation to put on  a scientific veneer.  By the way, hospitals make huge amounts of money performing these operations.

Is it important for thinking people who care about our children’s education and the state of our country to be on school boards?  Who else will keep our children and our country safe?

Could it be you?


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